FRIDAY VIDEO: Kenmeri rodeo


And now, please allow the shotgun rider of this shakotan kenmeri to demonstrate proper bosozoku door riding technique. The torso must be upright and positioned completely outside the vehicle. Grasp the grab handle tightly as the driver executes doughnuts.

Once proper form has been established, variations such as straddling the door sill or donning a full-body tiger outfit can be incorporated. This has been a public service announcement from JNC.

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12 Responses to FRIDAY VIDEO: Kenmeri rodeo

  1. Nigel says:

    No video !?!?

  2. Nigel says:

    So is this hoonage or holiganism.
    (Either way I can’t spell).
    And it looks like an excellent way to practice car control.

  3. J.A.C.K. says:

    kids (and adults) do NOT try this at home! haha. but looks hella fun.

  4. chin says:

    This reminds me of SF Bay area Side shows only with better cars and style !!!

  5. Robakun says:

    not really real hakonori. just a ride along.

  6. joe says:

    does anyone know what wheels are those on the skyline ?

  7. alveen says:

    i can hear some east indian talking in the back ground while this shot was been taken…i guess kids talking about eating “pakora”….lol…wonder who did the video shooting of this donuts

  8. Naser says:

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