FRIDAY VIDEO: Kei Miura, TRA Kyoto, and the Rocket Bunny FR-S

At this point cave dwellers and castaways may be the only people on Earth who haven’t had their senses assaulted by Rocket Bunny‘s insanely wide-bodied Scion FR-Ss. However, it’s Kei Miura, Osaka Kanjo racer, ex-bosozoku and shacho at TRA Kyoto that’s the man behind the machine.

Yes, the uber-aggro neo-hachiroku is cool and we dig it, but what really makes us want to share this video that our friends at Crank & Piston and Maiham Media made is that the internet’s man of the hour also owns a flared 510 Bluebird, and it’s a hint at what motivates his mad mind. 

[Crank & Piston]

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  1. manny torres says:

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