Friday Video: Kamikaze Road V

And now for something completely different, one of the many home-grown videos of Japan’s car culture from the age of VHS. This one’s called Kamikaze Road V, and shows of the somewhat unrefined side of 1980s bosozoku style, when people were throwing anything and everything at their cars and seeing what stuck. Nowadays, the true nostalgic ‘zoku have filtered out some of the gaudier aspects of this era, like excessive venting and Benz grilles, and kept the cool stuff like deep barrels, stretched tires and flares. All we can say is we wish they kept the hair too.

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10 Responses to Friday Video: Kamikaze Road V

  1. Tyler says:

    About 15% cool, 85% shit. Great to see them back in the day though!

  2. Seanskee says:

    More like 100% cool.. I Love these cars and styles.. but then again i dont like 95% of the cars out nowadays so idk… to each his own…

  3. Nigel says:

    I think most of the people who kept the roofs on their cars, were happy that day.
    (Really like the Leopard four door).

  4. Watt2159 says:

    Never really been a fan of bosozoku, but this is a pretty cool video, completely reeks of the early 90’s haha.

  5. Tofuik says:

    I love videos like these because they have pretty much every car I love all in one place.l

  6. E-AT_me says:

    woah woah woah… 2.26… ford granada????

    • Tyler says:

      Mazda Luce Legato

      • Brad D. says:

        While it looks similar…I am pretty sure that ones a Ford! The Mazda had double stacked headlights and that has a single lamp with a marker below it. Plus…..look at those bumpers!!! Fast forward to about 5:25…. good shot of the front and rear of the car pretty much confirming it is a Ford (oddly enough!)

  7. kevin gurney says:

    speaking of bosozoku have any of yous guys gotten the mad manga hotwheels yet

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