Friday Video: Guerilla Group 8 Mitsubishi Sigma Clown Car

As we’ve mentioned before, Guerilla Group 8 was Mitsubishi‘s attempt at throwing vehicle sponsorship behind an action cop show to spice up their image (a la Nissan and Seibu Keistasu, Abunai Deka, and many others).

Since Mitsubishi was footing the bill, we learn that: a). a convertible Galant Sigma makes a great clown car; b.) the staring PajeroDebonair V 3000 Royal AMG, and gullwing Starion must remain unscathed but it is perfectly okay to blow an E70 Toyota Corolla to high heaven; and c.) Daimon is even more awesome than usual when he brings down bad guys at point-blank range because d.) we still hate clowns, including Japanese ones. Video below the fold.

Hat tip to cesariojpn.

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11 Responses to Friday Video: Guerilla Group 8 Mitsubishi Sigma Clown Car

  1. TommyJ says:

    Love that Starion. I always told my friend that his would look great as a gullwing.

  2. cesariojpn says:

    Love the fact that you can see the explosive charges at the 4:50 mark in plain view of the shot.

  3. Komeuppance says:

    LMAO… He’s already in the helicopter and waits until he’s face to face to pull the trigger… what a badace.

    Also, popping the gullwing doors while rolling… WIN.

  4. Ben says:

    Komeuppance: I guess those gullwings aren’t just for show if you can open them to shoot at stuff while driving. Stylish AND practical! 😛

  5. Hakosuka says:

    ahhh yes… Gullwing Starion!

  6. big O says:

    Is it me or did every cop show in Asia emulate crockett and Tubbs? just an observation…

  7. Drew84 says:

    No way; Crockett and Tubbs, where clowns.

  8. Bobbywoll says:

    jeez what kind of eyepod does he have next to his face in the starion? hahah

  9. Bobbywoll says:

    accidental firearm discharge at 4:20:)

  10. bert says:

    You mean the E70 Corolla with the missing windows, just waiting for same bad cop to do a somersault and throw a grenade into it?

    Bobbywoll- I’ve heard some Japanese men have a problem with accidental discharge!:)

  11. I love that Mitsubishi car especially the door that looks like a wing when opened.Nice car on that scene.

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