Friday Video: Detective Story Corolla Crash

What is it about criminal masterminds? Even in Japan, they can’t just kill off the hero with a point-blank gunshot to the head. Instead they string him up to elaborate yet escape-able death traps, such as this runaway Toyota that is both silver-hued and topical.

However, in this case we are at a loss to explain exactly how Yusaku Matsuda frees himself from this KE30 Corolla Goldberg murder device. Teleportation? Sheer badassery? Maybe he could give Prius driver James Sikes a pointer or two. Watch this clip from Detective Story and see for yourself.

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1 Response to Friday Video: Detective Story Corolla Crash

  1. banpei says:

    I started following EY30 last week and did enjoy this video as well!
    Lucky enough they used the Corolla and not that Luce Legato! 😉

    I think he must have escaped that wreck at 1:28 when the camera switches to the bad guys! 😀

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