Friday Video: Datsun 280Z vs. Chevy Chevelle

You are not experiencing a deja vu. This is the second consecutive week in which we’ve had a car chase involving a brown, late-model Datsun Z. This one hails from a completely different continent — ours, in fact. Robert “Mannix” Forester gets behind a Chevy Chevelle to chase down a car thief in a stolen 280Z 2+2 in the 1983 film Vigilante. Video below the fold.

Hat tip to Kevin L.

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4 Responses to Friday Video: Datsun 280Z vs. Chevy Chevelle

  1. Jim says:

    Craazy. I like how he can slam into a police car and they don’t seem to care. If you did that in real life, the SWAT team would be after him big time. Too bad they trashed the Z, I was rooting for him to get away.

  2. Ben says:

    Yup, there’d be a ghetto bird on him with the melodramatic voiceover of John Bunnell doing the play-by-play of his every move 🙂

  3. goki says:

    the gear selector looks awfully high…like in P or R…possibly N, but no where near D.
    *shrugs*…cool nontheless


  4. Yoda says:

    Sad to see that Z meet its’ maker (possibly literally – maybe it was recycled into an ’84 300ZX Turbo manual rather than a “lowly” 2+2 auto. Or maybe a Stanza…)

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