Friday Video: Datsun 260Z Drifts Through Zandvoort, Sorta

If  anything, the Dutch rival the Japanese for television weirdness, so we’ll ignore the plot of this Bassie & Adriaan episode and cut straight to the chase. In it, a Datsun 260Z pursues a clown in a Matra Rancho. There are some primitive attempts at drifting and pointless 360s, but it’s fun to watch this brown bandit scooting across the Netherlands’ Zandvoort circuit. Video below the fold.

Hat tip to banpei and Kevin L.

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5 Responses to Friday Video: Datsun 260Z Drifts Through Zandvoort, Sorta

  1. Kevin Lee says:

    i bet the clown be more happy to be in the 260z than the tatra, LOL, the producers might have not guessed the Datsun to be an awesome car to drive

  2. Nigel says:

    I have seen this before, I believe Bassie & Adriaan have a matching trailer (caravan) for the Matra. (Dig that crazy soundtrack.)

  3. Dank says:

    look at those amazing lines theyre driving!

  4. zechs says:

    Those 360s are not pointless, haha
    Not much of a chase if the chaser is in front.

  5. banpei says:

    Great to see you guys liked it!
    They do indeed have a matching caravan. Later on they replaced the Matra for a second generation Honda Prelude with eyelashes on the popup lights. From that moment onwards it went horribly wrong with these series! 😀 😀

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