Friday Video: Celica Panic!

After seeing a prototype of Jun Imai’s latest design in the flesh at JCCS last weekend, we’ve had nothing but Celica on the brain all week here at JNC.

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13 Responses to Friday Video: Celica Panic!

  1. Rod Panhard says:

    Very nice! Love that engine sound.

  2. TE72_Sunny says:

    Oh how I long for that power plant under my corolla’s hood. I’m definitely feeling that video!

  3. Danny says:

    At first I thought 2JZ, but there are only 4 ITB’s, what motor is this? Did any other music geeks catch ratatat in the background?

  4. kelly says:

    that’s a beams 3sge

  5. Matt Panic says:

    Thanks for featuring me, I’m honored! I read JNC everyday and today I got a big surprise 🙂

    Also, thanks for all the kind words everyone. It always feels good to be recognized for doing what you love.


  6. Jared says:

    so cool, great sound, rev it man, all the way!!

  7. Kevin Truong says:

    Beautifully setup and the motor sounds awesome!

  8. Tofuik says:

    Sometimes I wonder if Toyota could bring back the Celica. Infact why don’t we just take the current tC and make it rear wheel drive. It looks good, the motor is good, Aasbo has a RWD converted one in D1. The window design even reminds me of the older celicas vs Although I admit that may be a stretch and my imagination at work. I’m glad we have the FR-S, but at the same time a more affordable RWD would be fun too. I gladly picked my 2013 tC for $21k. Even as a FWD its a fun car but there will always be times where I wish it wasn’t.

  9. Dom says:

    Awesome car, awesome song, Ratatat Loud Pipes is the best!

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