Friday Video: C210 Skyline Turbo vs. Bomb

We’ve seen what happens in West Tokyo when there’s a bomb on a bus, but pop quiz, hotshot: what do you do when there’s a ticker inside Seibu Keisatsu HQ itself?

You throw that sucker into your C210 Skyline Turbo and full throttle your way out of town using a GPS unit the size of a toaster oven, that’s what! When the Skyline emerges triumphant, the perps resort to sniper fire, and later, a warhead-equipped Cedric. This is also the rare Seibu episode in which you can actually spot a Toyota or two in the background. Watch the clip below the fold.

Hat tip to kev84.

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6 Responses to Friday Video: C210 Skyline Turbo vs. Bomb

  1. Kevin Lee says:

    thanks for the feature guys! i think it would be almost impossible to own a C210 skyline outside of Japan and definitely in the South East Asia! Damn

    But yes, that thing roars pretty awesome! Another awesome day for the Seibu

  2. Jim-Bob says:

    In addition to the Toyotas, there was also a 1975-79 Oldsmobile Omega in this clip when they are leaving the police station.

  3. Ben says:

    You’ve got eagle eyes, Jim-Bob!

  4. MarkG says:

    What took them so long to realise there was a bomb under the desk?

    It was ticking so loudly you could have heard it in Nagoya.

  5. Nigel says:

    The high level of 80’s cheese cannot be denied or ignored. (Every you clip guys have posted is awesome.)

  6. erick says:

    a kei ambulance……is that a sambar or a civilian?

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