Friday Video: Bosozoku Crackdown!

Why are we so fascinated with the bosozoku lifestyle? Is it the outrageous rides, the demented hoonage, or the don’t-give-a-crap attitude? Here’s someone who is not fascinated: the police. In this footage from 1993, the Japanese constabulary put up an all-night roadblock to crack down on bosozoku antics, likely picking up every Toyota Soarer west of Narita.

Hat tip to cesariojpn.

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7 Responses to Friday Video: Bosozoku Crackdown!

  1. banpei says:

    Hey, that’s a familiar video! I posted it almost a year ago on Bosozoku Style:
    The Yamanashi police really has a hard time with the persistence of those bosozoku! Also funny to see how both parties are preparing for the big confrontation. 😉

  2. E-AT_me says:

    wow. i would be pressing charges if a cop started hitting my car.. that’s crazy.. anyone else spot the AE86 with roof rack? hehehee. managed to slip through early on.

  3. bert says:

    Funny how the cops, and the boso’s are driving the same cars in the same manner, and yet they hat each other so much! Reminds me of the Civil War………

    Did that AE86 at the end have bullet holes in it?

  4. 3F05Q says:

    Wow… physically apprehending a motorcycle rider who is on the motorcycle, ripping the wing off the bootlid, the car chases… fantastic video. It’s got it all!

  5. cesariojpn says:

    bousouhimiko has a whole library of them on his account. I like this one:

  6. Daron says:

    That has been going on in Japan since the 70s…

  7. That is one video loaded with action! They really don’t seem to care, but clearly the police does …

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