Friday Video: Bollywood Love in Tokyo

The 1966 Indian movie Love in Tokyo contains this toe-tappin’ Bollywood song and dance number that meanders through the streets of 1960s Tokyo. As a result, cameras inadvertently captured the very beginning of the era of Japanese prosperity in which average citizens started to own and drive cars. And thus we are treated to an insane number of nostalgics appearing in their natural habitat, in full technicolor scenes that could never be recreated today.

Keep in mind, this was pre-Celica, pre-Hakosuka, pre-510, and pre-Mazda RX cars. Instead, we find a bustling cityscape full of S40 Toyota Crowns, 30-series Nissan Cedrics, RT40 Toyota Coronas, Isuzu Hillman Minxes, and Toyoace trucks. Toyoaces! When was the last time you saw one of those in motion?

Whoever can identify all the cars in this clip, we will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams (or at least send you a Tomica or something).

Hat tip to banpei, where you can watch a clip with a brief Datsun Fairlady Roadster cameo.

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5 Responses to Friday Video: Bollywood Love in Tokyo

  1. qdseeker says:

    At 2:56, it’s kind of cool. They show the Mitsubishi symbol on a building in lights.

  2. bert says:

    Cars? There were cars in this movie? All I saw was feathers and flesh!

    BTW, Making sure the love of your life needs a hip replacement, is a great way to start any relationship!

  3. banpei says:

    Thanks for the link! πŸ˜‰
    It is great to see the Shuto Expressway when it just had opened. Amazing to see so little traffic on it! πŸ˜€

  4. bob says:

    Nice! Kind of suprised by the ’60-’63 Mercury Comet at the 1:25 mark, on the right side of the bus.

  5. B1500boy says:

    Geez Ben, I need to sit down seeing that much natural J tin in one place. I’ll have to make a video of my Toyoace running so we can relive love in Tokyo. That Hino bus is just too cool for school too, T2000 as well, wow!

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