Friday Video: Beg for the sweet release of death after listening to the Z-Zuke song

Drop the song title “Z-Zuke” into a translator and you get “pickled Z.” While it is true that in Japanese zuke means “pickled” as delicious in tsukemono, this little ditty is not about making a jar of preserved vegetables from your S30. Zuke also means “to absorb oneself in” (ie, to be obsessed with) as in “JNCers are all kyuusha-zuke!”

Sadly, one can get a bit too absorbed, and whoever composed this over-sugared, seizure-inducing techno tune appears to have let their love of a good G-nose completely warp their sanity. We can’t really describe the video per se, as we woke up in a puddle of our own drool after blacking out for three days, before which our last conscious thought might have been that despite a 2007 release, Z-Zuke’s production values appear to be more appropriate for a cable access show circa 1982. All we can really say is proceed to watch it at your own risk. And though it’s no Far East Movement, should the urge to listen to this song more than once actually strike you, here it is on Amazon Japan.

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23 Responses to Friday Video: Beg for the sweet release of death after listening to the Z-Zuke song

  1. E-AT_me says:

    i thought to myself, “how bad could it really be?”.. answer? really bad.. not something you want to hear OR see at 6:45am… this is not how i wanted to start my day..

  2. Brownie says:

    had to play it in mute after the first 30 seconds.

  3. Zechs says:

    Muhahaha the pc’s @ work are all muted (first time to my advantage)
    Nice Z footage though!

  4. benji says:

    haha, terrible!

  5. banpei says:

    OMGWTF! I wish I had muted my sound. What a terrible song to listen to.
    The only thing they are good at is dancing the beautiful lines of the G-Nose.
    And, of course, the footage of the Z makes it a little bit more bearable. 😀

  6. bert says:

    I found myself strangely mesmerized by the chunky chic!……………………..I think I’ll go pluck my eyeballs out

  7. IMO says:

    I stopped this at 37 seconds, and I will never forget her face… at least it wasnt the big one.

  8. Yuri says:

    I am now strangely addicted to this song, and the one in the hat is kinda cute…
    what just happened?

    Amazon Japan you say?…..

  9. dmg1979 says:

    Watching those 3 chunkers flop around while shouting “Zuke” was quite painful. Was this supposed to be a joke? No wonder you guys passed out in a pool of your own drool. I watched at my own risk and regret it.

    I am going to the toilet now. I have an anal explosion to contain. I will do this while shouting out ZUKE!!!

  10. kevin t says:

    All i wanted to see was just the z lolz…

  11. Ljn71 says:

    Sorry,Toni Basil. “Mickey” is no longer the worlds most annoying song.

  12. mister k says:

    z cars, skanky chicks, and bubble gum music.. what’s not to like?

  13. Killua says:

    Tuti-tati-tuti-tati-tuti-tati ~~ ZUKE, ZUKEE, ZUKEEE!

    This is not good for my health.

  14. Jin says:

    JNC is now unfavorited.

  15. Toy_yoda says:

    Archive this whole website before you break the internet.

    Haha, were you guys high last night when you found this random video?!?

  16. Kev says:

    LOL…you’d never catch a Hako in a video like this.

  17. Nigel says:

    Starts out like a BMI video, then it all goes to hell.

  18. GEN2TWINCAM says:

    Ben, April 1st was two weeks ago!
    I started looking for a fresh razer blade – not for my wrist – for my JNC window decal !! 🙂

  19. John says:

    At least it was short… 🙂

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