Friday Video: Aleks Efremov’s Cressida Wagon

MX72 love emanates round these parts like rays of a dying sun. But with supplies of Cressida wagons dwindling on American roads, we have few opportunities to show our affection. That’s why we were fortunate to find this awesomely retro video called “VHS 1986″of Aleks Efremov‘s killer goon. 

[Speedline Film Werks]

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17 Responses to Friday Video: Aleks Efremov’s Cressida Wagon

  1. Nigel says:

    I like it…I like it a lot.

  2. E-AT_me says:

    kinda cool, but i’m sick and tired of all these stupid “retro” themed videos and photos.. if it was shot with VHS, don’t make it look like VHS. it’s just poser status. just like those stupid “vintage film” apps for iPhones and stuff.. come on.. it just looks so fake and stupid. end of rant.. cool video and sick wagon.

    • banpei says:

      Old VHS camcorders shouldn’t be more expensive than one gallon of gas on Craigslist but I think it is a bit more practical to do some after effects than to use such an ancient beast, hook it up a video grabber and be disappointed by the results. 😉

      Clip looks cool though.

      • E-AT_me says:

        to a point, yes, but just because there is a continues “V-hold” line through the video should not make it “VHS”. i’ve watched many a VHS and it’s not a constant thing. if they wanted to make it really “VHS” should have fast-forwarded a little bit somewhere..

        • Tyler says:

          I hear you loud and clear. If it were VHS it wouldn’t be HD either. It’s just annoying. The car is still awesome though.

  3. Mark says:

    What’s the name of the track used in this video?

  4. john says:

    And I love this video. Going to do something like that with my 1200 some day… 🙂

  5. idhuy says:

    i think wagon is sexiest car, especially if slammed 😀

    i found one Cressida Wagon in Indonesia in this video

    see in 2:24 minute –>

  6. kool car…i just met aleks like half an hour ago here in surrey bc.nice dude.i saw him passing by in the opposite direction,i did a kwik u-turn just to see wat he did to the rear bumper.perfect modification with a 5-bolt lug conversion.i was thinking to get rid of my rear bumper on my 85 cres goon i hve to come up with a different idea.

  7. sam says:

    cool wagon!

  8. Tyler says:

    Sexy car. Too bad about the fake VHS.

  9. Matt says:

    I love those rims. Does anyone know what they are?

  10. Pete240z says:

    I lived through the VHS era. I never had that fake line going through the video. I still have tapes and a VHS machine and 20 years later the tapes aren’t this bad.

  11. mikebw says:

    I think the car looks sweet, would love to lower mine (’87, grey ext/maroon int) but can’t really justify the cost right now. I wonder how many are left. I did see one last year driving in DC, but that was the only one in a few years. With this and mine that makes 3.

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