Friday Video: Against All Odds, the story of the BRE Datsun 510s

Today’s video is required viewing for any Datsun enthusiast. If you don’t yet know why every vintage Japanese car show in the US is packed with 510s sporting twin stripes down their fenders, this movie will answer all questions. Against All Odds is a period documentary chronicling the struggle of the BRE Datsun 510s in the SCCA Trans-Am 2.5 Challenge against a field of what were then thought to be superior Alfa Romeos, BMWs and Volvos. We all know how the story ended, but this is how it unfolded. 

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12 Responses to Friday Video: Against All Odds, the story of the BRE Datsun 510s

  1. Tofuik says:

    Wow, that was awesome. Nothing better than seeing a bunch of sedans thrash around on the track plus that beautiful noise that they all make.

  2. Dutch 1960 says:

    People tend to think of “big time” racing as a bright and shiny thing, but these guys were battling it out in the dirt and dust. Not only weren’t the venues all as nice and buffed up as they are now, perhaps the racing wasn’t as “big time” at the time as it is looked back on today. Seems to be the T/A BRE 510 legend has grown over the years (as has the Cobra, Richard Petty, Group 44, and others). Sometimes the best, most legendary racing and racers aren’t recognized as such until after the fact, when it is gone and isn’t coming back again. So great that this documentary was made back in the day to record it all for history. IIRC, the under 2.5 T/A feud between Datsun and Alfa Romeo was a total blood feud, where cheating on equipment, stretching the rules, and driving to take the other guy out of the race was fundamentally part of the game.

  3. Chad says:

    Seeing that makes me remember the racing roots that the boxy little car sitting in the parking lot has. I love my 510

  4. Pete240Z says:

    I believe there was to be some reunion races this summer. Watkins Glen last week? Road America?

    • Pete240Z says:

      Oh, yeah….. I met John Morton almost 2 years ago at the JCC Show in Long Beach. He was a really down to earth guy and was thrilled to meet somebody from the Chicago area. He signed a picture for myself and for my daughter.

      Great guy to meet!

  5. Victor says:

    Awesome Vid, Loved it

  6. Nigel says:

    I have seen pictures, of the BRE and Morton.
    (To see how John drove the 510 that was awesome).
    I understand now why the team did so well.

  7. Ben says:

    This is a very interesting video, I love the ‘behind the scenes’ look at the shop stuff. I also love how he totally pulled that spin into a recovery on the corkscrew!

  8. jB says:

    Was lucky enough to catch the number 46 240Z BRE take the Portland Historics Race podium this weekend. The car was dialed and after taken Pole just walked away from the field.

  9. Sprinter 1969 says:

    I’m a big fan of the small engine class of sedan racing. Like one of the commentators above – these classes have their own duals and struggles – and I have a very strong appreciation of this!

    Here’s some associated Aussie trivia:

    The competing/leading Alfa driver was in fact an Australian. He was renowned for having a kangaroo painted on the side of his car. The current edition of Australian Muscle Car has a great story about Hoerst.

    Both the US and Australia had their own Peter Brock – both motor racing champions in their respective countries. Australia’s Peter Brock was killed competing in a targa event in Western Australia in 2007. At the time he was driving a “Daytona” which is a car designed by the US’ Peter Brock.

  10. Richard says:

    Great video. I had four 510’s in all with the final one pretty tricked out. I miss that little car.

  11. cesar says:

    Asi quiero arreglar mi datsun 510

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