Friday Video: 39 Years of Honda Civic

With 19 million units sold and 39 years under its belt, the Honda Civic is an icon of motoring. With the recent introduction of the 9th generation, Honda’s marketing team has put together a video called “Heritage” that explores its evolution to the music of Dirty Vegas. We love to see automakers salute their histories, and in any case it’s more entertaining than the one with zombie, luchadore and Sasquatch girl


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5 Responses to Friday Video: 39 Years of Honda Civic

  1. Tyler says:

    That was pretty neat. My mom’s story is she had an 80’s Civic sedan back in the day and hit a deer on the highway. Goodbye, Civic. My dad used to have an 88 Accord, too. I liked that car. He got rid of it for a shit-tastic 97 Cutlass.

  2. E-AT_me says:

    i have my dad’s 86 civic Si. he bought it new.. and i have a 91 Civic Si. and i used to have an 88 civic sedan… and a 77 civic hatch… and my brother owned an 89 an 00 hatch.. and my dad now drives an 03 civic Si hatch.. dang.. that’s a lot of civics.. my wife drives an 08 Fit Sport… my mom drives an 05 element. and my brother just picked up an 11 Fit Sport.. cool video!! honda seems to be one of the more interesting companies out there as far as heritage.

  3. nlpnt says:

    Having seen the 2012 version, I’m not sure if reminding people how much more interesting the old ones were is a good marketing tactic. Then again, Chevy’s been doing it for decades.

  4. BlondinCX says:

    Hello from France,
    Here are the first 2 pages of a commercial I got in my letter box a month ago. Instantly thought about you here, but I lost it among all the crap we get by post.

    I tried a quick translation for those who don’t know our delightfull langage 😉

    I like it, but wonder why our national Citroen took the opposite way for its advertising. I mean, Hondas have always been very plain cars from a technoligical point of vue compared to what we had on the French market from the 50′ on.

    Anyway, thank you for this wonderfull blog!

    (PS : sorry for the bad English)

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