Friday Video: 1973 Mustang vs Motorcycle

Well now that we know the 1973 Ford Mustang was a real cop car in Japan, here’s a cop show chase involving one.

Hat tip to cesariojpn.

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4 Responses to Friday Video: 1973 Mustang vs Motorcycle

  1. cesariojpn says:

    Abunai Deka??????

  2. Totem says:

    you better call for action… satisfaction…

  3. bert says:

    At least this time the bad guy didn’t get shot in the face from a helicopter! Live suspects make the best interogations!

  4. Jim-Bob says:

    I always cringe when I see 80’s cop shows wrecking classic cars like that Mustang. From the looks of it, it is a standard Sportsroof model with a Mach ! hood on it as I think I saw Mustang script emblems on the front fenders that would not be there on a true Mach 1.

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