Forget tofu, Arby’s gets the drift

Takumi has gotten a new job, delivering roast beef sandwiches for Arby’s.

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We're running in the 90's

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Arby’s — is it the sandwiches or carsickness?

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3 Responses to Forget tofu, Arby’s gets the drift

  1. Toyotageek says:

    Arby’s knows where it’s at.
    Arby’s has cool social media ads that are relevant to me.
    Arby’s (^ _,^)`

  2. bryan kitsune says:

    Not smooth enough to be Takumi…pretty sure the driver bumped the guardrail straws.

    I think Itsuki or Iketani hi-jacked the hachi roku to defend the honor of the Speedstars while Takumi was otherwise occupied or disinterested.

    But I guess I don’t know the full story…maybe there’s a reason Takumi is not driving in his usual smooth manner. First time at Mt. Arby’s…weird weather…4A-GE issues…who knows.

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