Footage of Nissan, Mazda and Toyota Nostalgics

For your weekend viewing here’s some drool-inducing footage of vintage Nissan Skylines. Hakosukas, kenmeris, japans, you’ve got it all. Click through for another video with Z-cars, Celicas and the stray 810 Bluebird, Mazda Familia, Luce, RX-7 and Toyota Chaser. Thanks to zetozeto99 for the tip!

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2 Responses to Footage of Nissan, Mazda and Toyota Nostalgics

  1. Neil says:

    I wish they would hold the camera strait, lol all that sideways stuff was driving me nuts. Nice cars tho, that S30 at the end begining and end of the second video was awesome, I love the rear wing for some reason.

  2. leongsoon says:

    Must…not…view…so…much…porn!!! Wow the first Z from second video looks amazing, almost like a drag machine, and the rubber-melting startoff’s nice!

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