Five Axis Design developing Retro Series Scion FR-S

Five Axis Design is well known for creating stunning aero kits and drool-inducing concept cars for Scion, Toyota and Lexus vehicles. But in the midst of all the SEMA-style glam, if you looked closely there were always clues that an old school heart was beating beneath. So when the production neo-hachiroku hit the streets we knew they’d have something special in store and they proved us right. Today Five Axis Design announced the development of a Retro Series Scion FR-S

The Retro Series will draw on the new car’s AE86 heritage with a color scheme reminiscent of the original’s trademark “panda” design. Each comes with a Five:AD aero kit, which has a natural line that creates a perfect break for the two-tone transition. It’ll be offered on two colors of the FR-S, Whiteout or Firestorm, which Five:AD is calling High Tech Two-Tone and High Flash Two-Tone, the official Toyota names for what fans have come to know as “panda” and “red panda,” respectively.

These special edition FR-Ss will be available through select Toyota/Scion dealerships across the US in limited numbers, so if you want one keep up with Five Axis Design’s Facebook page for the latest news.

[Images: Five Axis Design]

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13 Responses to Five Axis Design developing Retro Series Scion FR-S

  1. jpr says:

    These look absolutely brilliant. Want.

  2. Dave says:

    Nice idea, but somehow it doesn’t look quite right. I think maybe the black needs to rise a bit higher? Maybe it’d look right on a real car. I like it anyhow.

  3. jivecom says:

    I thought the two-tone looked arbitrarily placed on the white car, but the render of the red one made the panel lines more apparent and I no longer feel that way. These would be better with some 1980s style 4 spokes than spindly modern wheels but that’s just imo

  4. Alex says:

    Needs more RS Watanabe and the second color needs to be BLACK not grey.

  5. Tyler says:

    I like the wheels but the stripes just don’t look right on a modern car. It worked so well on the original because its body lines were essentially straight and horizontal.

  6. cesariojpn says:

    Oh god, please let this not be the trend of “3rd party tuners” making special editions of a popular car. If someone brings out a “Fujiwara Tofu” edition FR-S…..i’m going full psycho.

  7. JamesE says:

    I’m surprised that no one has mentioned that the wheels appear to be 20″ in diameter. The scale of the car could be deceiving me but they certainly look large. Such wheels have no place on an FRS.

  8. Loweski says:

    The black needs to be higher and the black strip atop should be thicker and spaced more from the bigger black section. I agree the wheels need to be downsized to about 16 to 17″. It’d be pretty cool if they took the OEM fat 4-spoke face and modernized it by stepping the lip to 3.5″.

  9. Tofu_Delivery says:

    uh,,, you guys aren’t reading the article…. the line is lower for a reason. the point isn’t to clone the ae86, it’s a tribute. i personally think it’s awesome and if i had a frs or brz i’d get it

  10. Kevin T says:


  11. Mr C says:

    No no no. Two tone cars need to stay in the 80’s.

  12. RotaryRocket says:

    I usually hate body kits or anything that makes cars look more fat and bloated. I saw this kit in person, and it looks great. The stripes and two tone portion makes the car look more streamline as well, taking away from the bloat.

  13. vballin says:

    The complainers need to get some perspective, man! Toyota didn’t design a retro-AE86, so you can’t expect the paint scheme to transfer over to the new car. I think 5axis did an amazing job of doing a modern interpretation of an old-school paint scheme. Props!

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