Finland's 10th Annual Japanese Cars Meet, 2010

Last week we saw how Norway does old school. What about their neighbors in Finland? They have a taste for originality as well, and here are some photos from their 10th Annual Japanese Car Meet.

A Datsun 260C (or 330 Cedric/Gloria) can sure looks gorgeous when it has two fewer doors and isn’t a stripped down police-spec version.

The H10 Toyota Hiace, perfect for solving mysteries with a great dane that can speak broken English.

What could this E10 Corolla be smuggling to require twin canisters poking out from the rear?

In Nissan-speak, the E10 chassis code refers to the Datsun Cherry, and a here’s a four-door cherry perfectly matched in 70s orange.

A gorgeous S40 Prince Gloria from the pre-merger era. See more photos here.

Hat tip to Mikko.

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3 Responses to Finland's 10th Annual Japanese Cars Meet, 2010

  1. Toyotageek says:

    As a Great Dane with broken English once told me, “Rats rantastic!” 🙂

  2. Tyler says:

    That Hiace is in desperate need of some air ride. What I mean is, it’s got an appointment with the pavement. Slam that ish!!

  3. Eljay says:

    I’ve always wanted to do a Hiace with an airbrush paintjob of Ace Frehley.You know;”Space Ace” 😉

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