EVENTS: Some galleries from SpoCom SoCal 2019

If you want to see what thee latest trends in modified cars are, the SpoCom show is a pretty good place to start. The annual, multi-city show is where the cool kids vie for giant trophies for their whips. Subtlety is not the key here. After all, it’s show cars we’re talking about, and the bass-and-butts atmosphere makes the underground car meet scenes from early Fast and Furious movies look tame.

Among the kandy colored garage queens are some clean builds both classic and modern. It’s not the type of show we typically cover, so below is a simple gallery of some of our favorites. You may even recognize them from appearances at more classic-oriented shows.

Understated builds are not what wins awards at such shows, though, so there is a tendency toward extreme paint jobs, widebody kits, and stanced suspensions. There are plenty that qualify as JNCs, and we would be remiss if we didn’t include photos of those as well. They may not be everyone’s bag but the effort put into them is undeniable, so here’s a bonus gallery of SpoCom specials. Enjoy!



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7 Responses to EVENTS: Some galleries from SpoCom SoCal 2019

  1. Nigel says:

    Like the 620 and the blue Starlet.

  2. Lee says:

    Any more photos of or info on the grey Skyline and Land Cruiser?

  3. Tim Mings says:

    Isn’t the term “whips” played out yet?

  4. Mark F Newton-John says:

    I like seeing the more obscure cars, like the 1978 Dodge Colt, but haven’t we seen ENOUGH Supras, Skylines and 86s?
    The nisemono Transporter was headturning (what was it?) and the ES300 was nice, but seeing yet another Sylvia/RX-7/AE86 Corolla just makes me want to just walk past them. Yawn.
    The truly creative builders should make something unique, not just another variation on a theme.

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