EVENTS: SevenStock XII, Part One

SoCal’s biggest rotary gathering took place on Saturday, at Mazda USA’s Irvine, California headquarters. Dan snapped enough photos that we’re splitting them into MotorMavens-style two-post coverage rather than our old massive image dump format. Let’s get to it, shall we?

The first thing you see above is JNC reader dizmine3’s flared GC-style RX-3 sporting SSR Mark IIs and a fresh new coat of yellow paint. The clean machine always takes center stage in front of the main Mazda building and in case you missed it you can see it in person at the JCCS next weekend.

Let’s take a closer look at the red R100 lurking in the background, shall we? The license plate and Simmons wheels clued us in that this RHD car came from Down Under. Somewhat sadly, garishly upholstered racing seats and steering wheel followed it, but it was still the cleanest R100 at the show.

Old favorites like the 1979 24 Hours of Daytona IMSA RX-7 were on display. You can read all about the glorious racing history of this car in (shameless plug alert) JNC #3.

Rare Mazdaspeed wheels for sale.

The “Mazda” stripes and matching vinyl roof give this RX-2 a period correct look, helped by some old school Epsilon meshies.

Contrast this with the one above. The vinyl roof looks different enough for us to question whether it was installed in the 70s or perhaps a bit more recently. I personally think the large modern wheels do a disservice to this otherwise clean RX-2, but our Aussie readers might disagree.

An exceptionally clean ’84 RX-7, coated in a nice cream color and wearing Axis OG wheels.

Jet black RX-3 on Centerlines. Sinister.

Clean and original.

This was the actual shop car of legendary Mazda tuner Racing Beat. The nose kit was inspired by the speed record cars that Racing Beat built for competition on the Bonneville Salt Flats. It is now owned by a private collector.

Rotary shaped valve stem caps and cufflinks.

This tubbed and tubed RX-2 drag car is the real deal. A few years ago we saw it at the Mooneyes X-mas Party at Irwnidale, a show primarily for hot rods and domestics. When this car lined up at the lights, the crowd booed unsportingly to shouts of “Get that Datsun outta here!”

There were more Rotary Pickups at this SevenStock than ever. As a Toyotaku it pains me to say this, but I think the best looking vintage pickups have to be either the Mazda REPU or Datsun 620.

For some reason, the vast majority of them were some variation on this particular shade of blue. Mazda’s obsession with blue trucks can be traced back to the T2000.

And another. And we’re not even showing you all of them. There were several more blue REPUs in attendance.

A very cool “Matsuda” T-shirt paying homage to the RX lineage.

RX-3 Wagon love.

Who’s in the mood for some Bob Marley?

We’re not sure if this is an original color but it suits the RX-7 nicely.

This all-original ‘survivor” RX-2 was gorgeous, mint except for the one flaw on its door. The couple that owns it is torn by whether to repair the door and thus necessitating a repaint, or keeping it as is.

More to come in Part Two…

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15 Responses to EVENTS: SevenStock XII, Part One

  1. Neil says:

    That red R100 in the second pic is RHD, not LHD.

    I’m in love with that yellow RX-3! Very clean with the right stance and offset to suit the car.
    Add another one to the list of cars to buy when i win the lottery.

  2. bert says:

    I don’t know Ben, I had a 76 toyota HiLux that I thought was very sporty. If it hadn’t been for all that rust……

    I know a guy here in Washington that has a 74 Mazda REPU that is green. It’s not quite as dark as British Racing green but it’s still preety green, is that an original color? The truck looks great and seems to be very original, it only needs a little engine work and cleaning up. I drool every time I see it!

  3. Nigel says:

    The yellow Rx-3 is awesome (just needs to be another inch or two lower).

  4. Jimbo says:

    That Racing Beat “shop car” was very interesting. It is not a convertible, but a one-off made from a coupe. The doors are very light fiberglass and have no outside handle. There are no windows, or top. It had some kind of strange automatic installed that was not from Mazda. The owner, Allan had a clean 80s or 90s Mazda truck also with a 13B Wankel and the non-standard automatic.

    Gotta love SevenStock!

  5. Lincoln Stax says:

    That orange RX3 with the white roof is [i]this[/i] close to being a donk.

  6. docholiday says:

    why in that green mazda shirt does it skip over the rx-5?

  7. silverra23 says:

    this Aussie reader kinda loathes the big chrome wheels on a classic rotor… but the number of them wearing big boots at the recent hiroshima screamer cruise suggests I must be in the minority!

  8. Slappy says:

    Looks like a good time was had. Alot of really nice cars.

  9. elliot says:

    This was my first SevenStock and I had a blast! Looking forward to SSXIII! I was the gold FB with Epsi’s

  10. Jaime says:

    Nice Mazdas.

    I agree with the comment on oversized wheels. Older Mazdas look great in smaller wide stance wheels. Some guys get caried away in modern stuff, and forget that new cars are made to accept larger diametre.
    Example, check out that cool RX3 with black overfender flares, it is awesome. That nice white RX7 with the axis OG wheels is another cool ride.
    I arrived late, unsuspecting about Sunday’s cancelled event ( It is wont that 7 stock is a 2 day event, not this time though ).
    Mazda is getting lazy on the rotary engines, again going for a 2 rotor instead of a 3 rotor or 4 rotor supercar ( like most brands building high end torque/HP vehicles of their own ). I thinbk the only way to force Mazda to get serious is to see another automobile company get in the rotary engine race. Hoping….perhaps not in my lifetime.
    Nice photos, thanks for the exhibits.

  11. Jaime says:

    [quote]docholiday Says:

    September 28th, 2009 at 7:05 pm
    why in that green mazda shirt does it skip over the rx-5?


    Here in the US, the RX5 was sold as Mazda Cosmo , correct me if wrong. This Cosmo ( not the Eunos Cosmo 20B car of later times nor the earlier sports car .) is what the markets in Australia and NZ ( perhaps UK as well ) got badged as RX5.
    Should had been included in that shirt as Mazda Cosmo. Said Cosmo is the least modified and restored Mazda of all the early rotaries. Not many alive today, reason why (I assume) that shirt makes no mention of it.
    Perhaps they wanted to make a shirt with the RX deal on it.( all the RX nomenclatured models.) Because it also omits the Mazda REPU ( Rotary PickUp), and that vehicle is one of the most modified rotaries in here, and it is still relatively common amongst rotary Mazdas.

  12. Jaime says:

    Lincoln Stax writes:__________________________________________________

    Lincoln Stax Says:

    September 28th, 2009 at 4:37 pm
    That orange RX3 with the white roof is [i]this[/i] close to being a donk.


    Perhaps you are talking about the orange RX2 with a white roof on it. There are no orange RX3s with white roofs on.

  13. j_c says:

    I thought that FC was an Andy Warhol edition. 😀

  14. slickwrick says:

    i think hectors REPU is the cleanest rotary pick up.
    that 3 was also nice!

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