EVENTS: SevenStock 13, Part 02

Welcome to the second and final part of our SevenStock coverage. Even though the yearly powwow in Irvine is the largest collection of early RX cars on the continent, the number of SA22/FB RX-7s dwarfs all the R100s and RX 2 through 5 combined.

Among the early RXs, RX-2s are the most plentiful. We saw this brown beauty at JCCS last week but its cleanliness and sporty stance cannot be admired enough.

Its fraternal twin sits on Hayashis and has the white stripe package and Landau vinyl top.

Mazda North America’s collection includes the 1973 IMSA “Baby Grand”, famously campaigned by Car & Driver magazine’s Pat Bedard. His victory at Lime Rock was Mazda’s first professional win in the US. The car went on to race for 10 more years by a host of different drivers in four different racing series, collecting 10 wins, five pole positions, and one championship.

Piston engine goes boing, boing boing, but the Mazda goes hmmm. This li’l red RX-3 wagon looks exactly like the one from the commercial.

You saw this RX-4 at JCCS as well but such a fine specimen cannot be ignored. Plus, it was the sole Luce representative in the entire show. Juni’s blue RX-4 has appeared at previous SevenStocks and JCCSs, but as far as we know the two have never appeared together.

One of our favorite first-gens is the R-Power crew’s JDM RX-7Hippari (stretched) tires on SSR meshies set it apart from the other rotaries.

They’ve gone to plaid! Behold the retro coolness of the JDM interior. The JDM SA22 Savanna was actually a 2+2, with amputee seating in the second row.

The later aer0-nosed first-gens look more modern, so SSR EX-Cs are a good fit. In case you’re wondering the hubs say, “Racing machine supports the creative room to develop the goods. Produced by Speed Star Racing.”

Though many FC RX-7s were present, unfortunately many of them were quite ratty. Not so with this droptop, however. Take a gander at the spotless engine bay.

Three-spoke wheels are always controversial, but Advan SA3Rs fit FCs like a glove.

And there you have it. For more SevenStock, see Part 01, or coverage from 2009, 2008, 2007.

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4 Responses to EVENTS: SevenStock 13, Part 02

  1. b1500boy says:

    Thanks again, for the fantastic photo’s, good to see the Mazda flag still flying strong!!

  2. Tyler says:

    What’s up with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang up there?

  3. joe says:

    from what i’ve seen and heard, it’s an airplane styled cockpit, with a vw front suspension, an older rotary, and a rear from an RX-3 or RX-2

  4. Jake says:

    Did James Bond trade his Aston Martin for the airplane car? (The number is 007)

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