EVENTS: Okutama Sunday Meeting

Okutama_B-day-00b_Prince Skyline GTB S54

A short time ago, we were invited to attend the monthly Okutama-ko Sunday kyusha meeting. Loosely organized by the well-known Isuzu shop Eagle Sports, it always attracts a wide range of cars. This weekend was special though, as GT-B driving friends said they would be using the Okutama-ko parking area as their meeting place for a touge run into the mountains of the area. 

Okutama_B-day-00a_Prince Skyline GTB S54Okutama_B-day-00_Prince Skyline GTB S54

The arrival of such a large squadron of GT Skylines caused quite a stir. We made a quick pass of the parking area of about 100 cars, which was unusually heavy on cars from the Sixties.

Okutama_B-day-19_Toyota Carina A10 & NIssan Silvia CSP311Okutama_B-day-18_Toyota 1600GT Okutama_B-day-14_Nissan Datsun Fairlady Roadster Okutama_B-day-20_Toyota Sports 800Okutama_B-day-07_Toyota AA

Some of it was due to the Skyline and Isuzu contingents, but the parking lot was replete with others, including Fairlady roadsters, a first-gen Silvia, Sports 800, a barikan 1600GT, and even a replica Toyoda AA.

Okutama_B-day-12_Isuzu Bellett VehiCrossOkutama_B-day-03a_Isuzu Bellett Okutama_B-day-03b_Isuzu Bellett Okutama_B-day-04_Isuzu Bellett

Particularly stunning were a pair of Belletts. The gold 1600GT was exceptionally clean, very well done with detail paid to even things like custom center caps, and parked next to fellow Isuzu in the form of an extraterrestrial Vehi-CROSS for excellent effect. The orange GT-R was just as immaculate. Belletts restored to such a high standard are rarely seen, and its 60s racing class decals added to its already plentiful allure.

Okutama_B-day-01_Nissan Datsun 312

Looking exactly as it did when it rolled out of the showroom in 1963 was a Datsun 312, beautiful in its two-tone white and mint green paint. The only clue to its age was a row of specialty Japan Auto Federation grille badges collected over the years and worn with pride.

Okutama_B-day-16_Honda S600

Other cars hailed from the 60s, but looked like the were kept around in good condition for a couple of decades, then modified in the 80s. A Honda S600 fit that bill with mesh wheels— Southern Ways, perhaps — with custom Honda center caps.

Okutama_B-day-00c_Prince Skyline GTB S54

Some of the S54s we came with looked that way too, like a white specimen modified likely in the Bubble Era on gold Racing Forg wheels.

Okutama_B-day-09_Nissan Fairlady ZG S30Okutama_B-day-10_Toyota Carina A40Okutama_B-day-11_Toyota Carina A40

 A mean, well-driven ZG sported a lip that was homemade, but very nicely done. For the shakotan crowd, a Carina on SSR MkIIs rocked the new Mizuno Works old style steering wheel and a kaido racer accessory spoiler.

Okutama_B-day-05_Nissan Skyline GC110 yonmeri Okutama_B-day-06_Nissan 510 Bluebird Coupe

Elsewhere, a beautiful yonmeri on Hayashi Streets and a fetching 510 Bluebird Coupe on Watanabes exemplified a style that is both simple and timeless.

Okutama_B-day-26_Prince Skyline GTB S54Okutama_B-day-29_Prince Skyline GTB S54Okutama_B-day-25_Prince Skyline GTB S54

Though it was tempting to hang around and talk cars, there was some serious driving to be done. Soon we took off in fast pursuit of a heavily modified dark green GT-B on rare Hayashi Command 5-spokes. Its contemporary style belied some serious machinery under the hood and sheetmetal, and we tried in vain to keep up with it through the countless corners and numerous tunnels.

Okutama_B-day-24_Prince Skyline GTB S54Okutama_B-day-23_Prince Skyline GTB S54Okutama_B-day-30_Prince Skyline GTB S54

Our course took us out on Route 411, towards Sakeishi onsen town on the Daibosatsu Line, then south. From there we joined Chuo Expressway for a fast run back into Tokyo for a late lunch. Another perfect kyusha Sunday.

For more on the Okutama Sunday Meeting, click here. Bonus images below.

Okutama_B-day-27_Prince Skyline GTB S54Okutama_B-day-02_Nissan Skyline GC10 hakosukaOkutama_B-day-13_Isuzu Piazza Okutama_B-day-17_Toyota 1600GTOkutama_B-day-08_Nissan FairladyZ S30Okutama_B-day-21_Nissan FairladyZ S30 & Sunny B210Okutama_B-day-22_Toyota Celica A20 & Mazda Savanna RX7 SA22Okutama_B-day-28_Prince Skyline GTB S54

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13 Responses to EVENTS: Okutama Sunday Meeting

  1. Nigel says:

    Skorj, awesome photos. (I see a Gx71 in there).

    • Skorj says:

      Thanks! There’s a real 1980s revival underway it seems, with a number of shops here specializing in Mark II, Leopard, Soarer, etc. The tastefully resto-modded ones really bringing the style up to date.

  2. Jim Simspson says:

    Some truly remarkable cars, love the little Silvia…

    • Skorj says:

      Likely my favorite Nissan! They look really nice on a set of Hayashi Street, and certainly their prices are rising faster than others of the same period…

  3. Jason Carpp says:

    Awesome car show! I so wish I could’ve attended. I’ve always liked old-school JDM Japanese cars.

    • Skorj says:

      Okutama-ko hosts something at least once a month. Snow sometimes limits access in winter, but even then some manage to get out if the sun is shining.

  4. kalle says:

    Great photos of some really awesome cars!!!

  5. Ben Hsu says:

    Awesome event, Skorj. Jealous of the mountain driving!

    • Skorj says:

      We’ve got a drive planned in a few weeks. Taking the day off for Usui, Hakone, or Okutama. S800, GT-B, and one of those air-cooled German cars. Come over!

  6. Ant says:

    Great photos as ever, puts me right there at the event. Car of choice is probably the ‘yonmeri’ Skyline – wasn’t even aware a four-door version of that generation existed.

  7. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    Beautiful Pictures! Thanks so much for the post. I think there’s an Isuzu 117 Coupe’ lurking in there. One of many favorites. The first Japanese car body designed in Italy by Giugiaro. I’ve always had a soft spot for Isuzu’s; trucks, busses, cars and all… 60’s, baby!!!

  8. Bart says:

    Wow, awesome pics! To see a VX amongst all those classics is so cool. And even a JR! Wish I could have seen all these in person! Thanks for the pics.

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