EVENTS: Nos2Days 2011, Part 03

Nos2Days is filled with wondrous machinery, but one of the mind-blowing cars on display was the legendary Dome Zero. Conceived during the supercar boom, the mid-engine marvel had the power-to-weight ratio of a Porsche of the era and was supposed to be the first Japanese exotic since the Toyota 2000GT.

It was unveiled at the 1978 Geneva Motor Show, but strict homologation rules, the sheer expense of the project, and ever-stricter emissions regulations prevented the car from seeing production. However, even as a concept it became one of the most famous supercars in Japanese history, still fondly revered as a what-could’ve-been dream.

Dome did continue to race, though, and designed some of the most outrageous looking chassis ever to run at the 24 Hours of LeMans. The Amada-sponsored Dome RL-81 was powered by a Ford Cosworth V8 and ran at the 49th Le Mans, but valve failure forced an early retirement.

Many of Japan’s finest classic car dealers have booths at the event, and Vintage Car Yoshino had a rare Mazda Luce R130 for sale. Designed by Bertone, it’s a very rare front-wheel-drive rotary, and can be yours for the price of US$34,000.

Here’s something for Kev. A fifth-gen Mazda Luce sedan, one of the 80s VIP greats, although this does not seem to be one of the rare 13B-powered versions. If you’re interested, contact Joy Worx.

Honda‘s version of of the ubiquitous kei van, the Acty.

It wasn’t the biggest engine option or the most optioned-out trim level, but die-hard Mitsubishi fans may appreciate the rather unglamorous Lancer 1400 SGL.

And last but not least, a treat for our disciples of David Leisure, an Isuzu Piazza Turbo.

It’s being offered by Gattina used car shop, for the low low price of US$9500. Shipping not included.

And that about does it for our Nos2Days 2011 coverage. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Part 01 and 02.

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11 Responses to EVENTS: Nos2Days 2011, Part 03

  1. Ryuji says:

    ahh…the boxy Lancer, my childhood memories come to life once again. And its very clean too.

  2. Tyler says:

    Honestly I dig the Lancer a ton more than the Dome. Not just because the Dome has some seriously fussy styling, but because the triple diamond is what people would have been driving in the 80’s. Even though I was born in that decade I never got to see these cars much at all, or was too young to remember it. Good time warp.

  3. Derrick says:

    Cool! Just won my Dome Zero in GT5. Can’t wait to drive now!

  4. Derrick says:

    By the way – Doesn’t it look like that Dome Zero is about to transform into some sort of Battle Mech or something? That might be why I love it’s looks.

  5. retrokid says:

    Hmm that boxtype looks familiar…

  6. flyin_flip says:

    funnily, this Lancer is called the “box-type” here in the Philippines.

  7. Sarcasmo says:

    That “triangle wedge” silver car is FUGLY. It looks like a doorstop. 😛

  8. Sarcasmo says:

    Dome Zero??? More like Dumbass Zero.

  9. David says:

    the Dome Zero is my most favorite car of all time! I will not accept any negative words spoken about Zero! Dome Zero is my dream car….

  10. Nashwan says:

    Mazda Luce R130 for sale

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