EVENTS: Nos2Days 2010

We’re getting all sorts of goodies from Nippon this week. Our Japanese operative, known only as “Turbo,” snapped these photos last weekend at Nos2Days, the two-day car show put on by Japan’s OG classic car mag, Nostalgic Hero. Onto the pics!

I’m just going to let my personal bias show and lead with this GX71 Toyota Mark II. This car is emblematic of the modern kyusha-kai style, a mild boso look that doesn’t have your chin spoiler slicing the ankles of every pedestrian within three yards. Deep dish negative offset barrels are still standard, of course.

This GX61 Toyota Mark II sitting pretty on Longchamp XR-4s comes from the same tuning house, 80s specialist Gallery L. This style is just itching to come stateside (if you look in our forums, you might say it’s already here). But seriously, even a blind goldfish can find a MX62 or MX73 Toyota Cressida for a few hundred bucks on craigslist. Then spend triple that for your wheels, slam it to the ground, and you’re golden.

Here’s a minty mint C230 Laurel, Nissan’s answer to the Mark II. This model was significantly less sporty looking than its predecessor but it’s something a 70s-era mid-level Japanese pimp could certainly appreciate. It’s for sale at Auto Circle.

The requisite RS-Watanabe booth. Bottom row, first one on the left. Yeah, we’ll take four of those. Them be some barrels. Also, how stylin’ would you be at the next JCCS with that shirt?

The Mooneyes Crown Pickup is a familiar sight, but we will never tire of looking at it. The perfect Japanese surf crate?

Many of the attendees are dealers like Classic Car Nagoya who bring wares to barter. Being a die-hard Toyotaku but a consummate lover of sedans makes deciding between a hakosuka Skyline four-door and Toyota Sports 800 an impossible task.

Here’s your obligatory DR30 shot and your obligatory Rays TE37V shot all in one. Utilitas specializes in incongruous combination of sixth-gen Skylines and FJ60 Toyota Land Cruisers.

This isn’t really nostalgic yet, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the sheer coolness of an unmarked Toyota Crown police car. We’re not sure why there’s a one-sided gullwing in the back. Perhaps so Sgt Daimon can pop out and start blasting away, mid-pursuit?

Remember JNC reader Nakazoto’s Mitsubishi 360 Van build? Hopefully it will soon look like this fully restored one. Somehow, it’s comforting to know that people are caring for these little kei wagons out there.

A replica of the Mazda RX-7 252i? Why not, it was sent to Sarthe to compete in the 1979 24 Hours of Le Mans, but missed qualification by 0.7 seconds. It did, however, inspire a million bosozoku with its box flares and park bench spoiler.

Barracuda specializes in the most unloved of the extended Nissan family, like this ultra-rare Prince Skyway, a wagon version of the S21 Skyline.

Let’s end with two perennial favorites. The 510 Bluebird two door sedan that’s common here was actually the rarer model in Japan, where the Bluebird Coupe was the sporty choice. Also, that Fairlady Z looks ready to tackle the Wangan and hunt down some Porsches.

You can also see coverage of the 2009 Nos2Days.

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13 Responses to EVENTS: Nos2Days 2010

  1. E-AT_me says:

    nice snaps. i’d LOVE to see a pic of that Datsun pickup behind the R30, and what is lurking behind that Mazda Kei wagon? blue funky looking car?

  2. Kyusha Kai says:

    That Kyusha/Shakotan/mild Boso look is here already! Check out my friend’s MX73 slammed on some XR-4 Champs reppin’ Kyusha Kai hard at HellaFlush 4! 14×9 and 14×10 with something like a ridiculous -40 offset in the rear.

    One day I’ll make it over to one of these shows. Or at least to JCCS…

  3. bert says:

    Hey!!! Our cops don’t roll that deep! It would make the whole process of getting a ticket a little more fun,

    “Do you know why I pulled you over?”
    “Yes, but that’s an awesome ride!”
    “You were doing 60 in a school zone!”
    “Let’s talk about how cool you look in that car Ocifer”
    “Why thank you! Your such a sweetheart I think I’ll let you go this time!”

    I’m dreaming a litle bit, that never works! Trust

  4. Slappy says:


  5. kingtoy says:

    That white GX71 made me a little tingley. That body kit would look killer on my Cressy and add to the VIP look I am going for.

  6. Ben says:

    E-AT_me: Utilitas imports a lot of cars from the US. I’m guessing that’s a US-spec Datsun 720 but unfortunately Turbo didn’t take a pic of it. The blue car behind the Mitsu 360 is probably not Japanese based on the white BMW next to it. I have no idea what it could be. The show wasn’t limited to J-tin.

    Kyusha Kai: Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! There are some JNCers with mild boso MX62s too, a car no one here ever thought would be cool, but I guess that’s part of what makes them a killer ride.

  7. DerrickS says:

    What’s a Skyway?

    Nothing! It’s full of Air!!!!

    OMG That was too funny.

  8. Erwin says:

    Those Watanabes are HOT. I’ll take 4 for my hachiroku!

  9. kyteler says:

    cough cough cough.

    That Skyway is a wagon version of the S21 series. The S50 series is 2nd Gen. The S21 is still 1st Gen.

  10. kyteler says:

    Indeed, we all do, some of us are more willing than others to correct them though 😉 I can’t help but wonder what the state of the Skyway that left NZ shores last year en-route to Japan is in now…

    I might have to do some inquiring!

  11. Nigel says:

    That black two tone GX71 is from a web site called GX71 World. I think.

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