EVENTS: New Year Meeting 2011 Part 08: Sights & Sounds

We’ve shown you a lot of cars from the 2011 New Year Meeting, but the event is much more than that. It’s a celebration of kyuusha kulture, and as you might expect, there’s all sorts of car-related goodies dotting the grounds. Let’s take a stroll through the booths, shall we?

We’ve shown you many of the car clubs that come to the Meeting, and most of them are devoted to one marque or model (like the S30 club beside this one). It’s rare and kind of cool to see a group that includes as diverse a selection as the Mazda Cosmo AP, 310 Bluebird and Honda Z.

But did you know that the New Year Meeting isn’t just about Japanese cars? It includes vintage vehicles from all over the world, and this club has gathered the best from Italy, Germany, Japan and the US.

Sometimes the cars are a melding of foreign and domestic, like a Lotus Europa with aero kit, gurachan livery and SSR MkIIs.

And of course, some of the vendors were out and about. It was the perfect venue for Rays Wheels to show off their vintage-centric Volk TE37V rims.

09 Racing‘s primary business is motorcycle racing parts, but they’re branching out into carbon fiber pieces for vintage Japanese cars.

One look at these bad boys and you know there’s going to be a mean hakosuka behind them.

You can also find lots and lots of parts, both OEM and aftermarket.

For diecast collectors, Ebbro makes some of the most detailed 1:43 scale minicars of kyuusha classics you’ll ever find. They make everything from kei cars to race machines but at $40 a pop, they’re not cheap.

Our friends at Kousoku Yuen magazine had a booth, with the editor-in-chief’s US-spec wood-paneled Toyota Cressida wagon lurking in the background.

And of course, there’s Nostalgic Hero,

More Tomicas than you know what to do with.

Find almost any vintage brochure your heart desires. Full catalogs of popular models will probably set you back $50 or so. For something like an original Skyline brochure, get ready to spend $100, if you’re lucky.

The amount of old trinkets and stickers is pretty much endless. You could easily spend a thousand bucks in the blink of an eye. The Japanese know the value of old goods. Perhaps it is better just to view them from afar. Your wallet and kids will thank you.

View additional photos in the gallery below, and if you missed it check out our coverage of the 2011 New Year Meeting Parts 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06 and 07.

Photos by Jason Kusagaya.

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5 Responses to EVENTS: New Year Meeting 2011 Part 08: Sights & Sounds

  1. matt says:

    BRE wants their stickers back :-p

  2. banpei says:

    I have an original JDM Skyline brochure… But I don’t think I will fetch $100 for the VC110 brochure. 😉

  3. Nigel says:

    That is the equivalent “goodness” of the twenty or more swap “old” car meets I have been to here in Canada. (Here we could search for years for some of that stuff).
    More thank yous, for these pics.

  4. Ted says:

    WTF is up with all the facemasks?

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