EVENTS: Marikina Old Schoolers East meet

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Perhaps unbeknownst to most Americans, the Philippines has an incredibly strong tradition of classic car enthusiasm, especially with Nihon steel. Due to the nation’s proximity to Japan, it was one of the early export markets and received many models that would be popular with JNCers today. The Old Schoolers East are a club composed of owners from the eastern side of Metro Manila who are into vintage cars, mostly ones that were common in the capital city during the 70s and 80s. 

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Recently, the Old Schoolers East had a small meet at the Marikina River Park with a few cars that defined the “Pinoy Greenhills Style” of car modding. The style originated from the Greenhills Shopping Center in San Juan, Metro Manila, the most popular car cruising venue of the Philippines in the 70s and 80s.

05-WP71758_Mitsubishi Lancer-2GBoxType 08-WP72307_Mitsubishi Galant Sigma

In particular, Toyotas and Mitsubishis are very popular. Whereas in the US, you might see one or two Triple Diamonds at a show like JCCS, here they are probably the second most common marque next to Toyotas.

39-WP80740_Mitsubishi Lancer-1G

One of the most striking cars was a red 2-door 1979 Lancer GL. Approaching the owner, we greeted him with the comment, “Greenhills na Greenhills, ah!” which meant that his car looked like it just rolled in from the legendary car cruising venue back in the day.

41-WP80825_Mitsubishi Lancer-1G

The fellow then proceeded to show me his engine bay, in which the original 1.4-liter Astron 80 had been swapped for a 1.6 Saturn with a full C3 rally-spec kit and twin side-draft carburetors. This was the most popular engine swap for Mitsubishis back in the day, and even in the 70s wire tucks were already popular. The look was inspired by rally cars, which would display nothing electrical but a row of relays when the hood was popped.

Inside, the original cockpit and interior were just as well preserved, spruced up by a wood Nardi Classico steering wheel and a period Pioneer KP500 head unit with period surface-mount Pioneer speakers on the rear shelf.

33-WP74552_Mitsubishi Lancer-1G

The exterior of the car was also simply and tastefully modded using the style of the time with a Bosch “rubber ducky” antenna on the left front fender, Cibie Super Oscars up front, period Enkei basket-weave wheels with gold centers, and side mirrors reminiscent of Engelmanns. The red paint was gleaming from a fresh wax job and sported all the original emblems.

23-WP80628_Toyota Starlet KP61

Another car sporting the Greenhills look was a cream 1980 2-door Toyota Starlet on Enkei Apache wheels. The owner said that he had just fabricated the center caps from fiber glass to replace the missing ones, but they looked absolutely indistinguishable from the originals.

The Starlets sold in the Philippines originally had chrome bumpers, but this one actually rocked US-spec black plastic-covered bumpers because even back then we already has an obsession with overseas styles like JDM, USDM or Euro.

24-WP72418_Toyota Starlet KP61

Its side mirrors were original Toyota, which is significant because back in the day the Philippine market didn’t even get side mirrors from the manufacturers. Owners would have to buy them separately!

28-WP72544_Toyota Starlet KP61

Usually, aftermarket mirrors like Vitaloni, Engelmann or Sebring would have been the preferred choice, since they were widely available in the aftermarket shops that proliferated in Makati and Banawe Streets in Quezon City. It took special effort to source OEM mirrors back then.

30-WP80445_Toyota Starlet KP61

This car was so fresh, the body and interior made it appear that it was still from the 80s. Time capsule stuff! Another styling cue were the rectangular Cibie driving lights mounted underneath the bumper, complete with their original plastic stone protectors. The rear of the car was also treated to a fog light under the bumper.

The interior of this car was fitted with some period Recaro seats with halo headrests. The OEM radio is still in tact for that factory look, while the steering wheel has been changed out to a Momo Monte Carlo.

31-WP80532_Toyota Starlet KP61

Beneath the hood, this Starlet still had its original 3K engine but with twin downdraft carburetors dressed up with custom wide-mouth velocity stacks.

09-WP45323_Toyota Corolla TE2711-WP45417_Toyota Corolla TE27

Representing the 1983-84 Greenhills style was a 1973 Corolla SL on period basket-weave 3-piece Compomotives.

14-WP45523_Toyota Corolla TE2718-WP45451_Toyota Corolla TE27

The wheels, sized 13×8.5 front and 13×9.5 rear, required the bolt-on fender flares. A more modern engine, a 4AGE with twin side-draft Weber 45 DCOE carburetors, was under the hood.

17-WP60343_Toyota Corolla TE27

Though the cars were much fewer in number, an unstructured meet on a late Saturday afternoon at Marikina River Park provided a relaxed and laid back venue for Pinoy (Filipino) car enthusiasts to hang out and share their passion. It was very much like what Greenhills was 35 years ago. We hope to bring you more from the vintage Japanese car scene from the Philippines soon.

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14 Responses to EVENTS: Marikina Old Schoolers East meet

  1. Artsyken says:

    Very cool to know that JNC is rocking in the Philippines!! Great stuff!

  2. Kuroneko says:

    Neato! Sort of like a cross between Japan and Australia, which I guess it is… Car market wise at least! Neko

  3. SHC says:

    It’s always fascinating to see the “car culture” in other parts of the world especially from the JNC standpoint.

  4. Scotty G says:

    Man, that white Corolla.. Not to mention the yellow one! I agree with the other folks, it’s great to see people living and loving the JNC life in other countries.

  5. Ben Hsu says:

    Thanks for the report, Walter! Very nice detail on the history and aftermarket parts. Looking forward to more!

  6. J.A.C.K says:

    i LOVE seeing JNC meets from around the world. it gives such a unique perspective on the different (and similar) style influences. amazing.

  7. alvin says:

    the dichotomy is real

    Philippine JNC owners do not rock ROTA’s in there native country

    But in the US_ _ _ _


    Your next QOT, coming to JNC near you!

  8. Ryan Senensky says:

    I love to see JNC Perspectives from around the world! I can’t wait to see more either!

  9. Russ says:

    Those were the good old days. From 1978 to around 1980 on Friday nights, we used to hang out at Shakey’s at Greenhills shopping center for an unofficial car meet at the parking lot. Come midnight we drag race on Ortigas av.(southbound). i would race my ’77 2-dr Lancer with slight mods, won some, lost some. Sometimes there were bets made. It was really very fullfilling to race. Also the thrill of evading the highway patrol and San Juan pd. lol

  10. Robin says:

    Really cool seeing some JNC’s from other parts of the world. and it is equally amazing to see how we share the passion even when we thousands of miles apart.

  11. XRaider927 says:

    astig!!!! it’s nice to see this one…..

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