EVENTS: JCCS 2009 Part Two: Wagons Ho!

Continuing with our JCCS 2009 coverage, here are the cars from my personal favorite category — the wagons! This restored orange Datsun 510 was gorgeous, and aside from the re-upholstered interior it looks like it could have driven off the lot circa 1970. But this was just the first of many family freighters we saw last weekend.

First-gen Honda Civics are rare enough, but a wagon? Especially when it’s as clean as new fallen snow. Its wheels look very similar to Corolla steelies, but are probably some offbeat hub diameter.

The Honda representation was particularly strong this year, the best JCCS turnout ever, in fact. The surfboard is a nice touch, though that rear window could really use some beach stickers (or a JNC one!).

The Ratsun Goon Squad was in full effect. Snoop Dogg would approve.

They were rockin’ all sorts of righteous Good Squad paraphernalia. We yearn for honorary membership.

This sticker is bitchin’. I know it’s supposed to be the silhouette of a 510 Wagon, but would they make an exception if we wanted to slap one on the JNC Cressida?

This is the car attached to that sticker, the notorious “Dat Rod.” It’s covered with cool hot rod touches you have to look closely to notice. Subtlety is the key, though red painted steelies with whitewalls always look boss.

Here’s our buddy zetozeto99’s new and improved Datsun 810 goon. It’s got an old school VIP look going on, and we dig it. I mean, it’s got a hood ornament. If that’s not gangsta we don’t know what is.

And here’s his partner in crime, a 910 Maxima. Many think this generation could pass for an X60 Toyota Cressida‘s identical twin. Though we all know Cressidas rule harder. Just kidding!

Conveniently, JCCS had a Cressida on hand for just such a comparison. Wow, we wouldn’t want to have to pick between this and the 910 out of a police lineup. By the way, this Cressida wagon was absolutely mint. We briefly entertained thoughts of abandoning our faithful MX72 and eloping with this one instead.

Here’s one for the Mazdafarians. This particular Mazda RX-3 wagon has been in the local scene for a while now, and we’re glad the owner has thus far resisted doing anything other than keeping this beauty cherry.

A tiki party spontaneously erupted at the Radio Flyer Wagon. Shod with these painted steelies and dog dish hubcaps, from this angle you can almost see the resemblance to the Bluebird 410 Wagon.

Look, it’s the TE72 Corolla made famous by all the coverage it received at the final Nisei Showoff, looking as sexy as ever.

A near-mint example of an X30 Cressida wagon, complete with faux wood grain paneling. The tan trim pieces outlining the wood paneling are held on by plastic clips. Unfortunately, they turn a bit brittle after three decades and replacements are nearly impossible to find, even in Japan. Otherwise, it’s an absolutely gorgeous car.

This 510 wagon was a JCCS debut car, and owned by none other than Koji and Terry Yamaguchi, the show’s hard-working organizers. They had a baby recently, and this is the new family car!

Yes, this 1JZ-powered Celica is clearly non-wagon, but in Part One I thought that this was the completed car. Luckily, I was wrong! In fact, owner Cary Miller says he’s about to tear it down for a spray in gloss black and filled in some other details. It was six years in the making, and is a 3/4 back half chassis with newly fabbed floorpan. There are zero bushings; all the links are Heim joints and the brake lines and wiring have all been hidden. The aforementioned 1JZ makes 700hp through a TH350 Chevy tranny and a narrowed Toyota Truck 8-inch rear end. Somehow, though, Cary has managed to retain all the stock sheetmetal and keep it street legal.

Last but not least, just when we thought we’d seen it all at JCCS, a Cony 360 Light Van appeared out of nowhere. And in left hand drive, no less! We weren’t aware of the Cony being sold in the US. Perhaps it’s an imported European version? Maybe some microcar fans can help us out.

By the time we got home the sky was dark again. It was a long day but well worth the exhaustion. We captured this shot of the JNC wagon weighed down to the bumpstops with magazines, our booth and assorted gear.

Part Three coming soon. For more JCCS coverage, be sure to check out MotorMavens and Clunkbucket.

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9 Responses to EVENTS: JCCS 2009 Part Two: Wagons Ho!

  1. 810-again says:

    Cool ‘goons! zetozeto99, I like what you’ve done with your 810. As far as the ‘Dat Rod’ name goes though, though I don’t own it anymore, ‘Datrod’ was the nickname for my 1964 L320 from the time I purchased it in 1980!

  2. Goki says:

    I think it was Dan that I met at JCCS…

    Anyways, I’d be more than honored if my GOON SQUAD sticker was on the JNC GOON!
    The sticker is not limited to 510, but for wagon enthusiasts.

    Email me for the stickers

  3. datrod says:

    Great Pic’s Dan. Good to see the JNC crew as always. As far as datrod goes.
    I’ve been using that for quite a few years. I had no idea someone else had it that far back. (Sorry)
    I had some vinal made up for JCCS 07 and gave them to the cars and trucks that I thought looked like HOT ROD style.
    My friend Nelson has them on the front fender of his goon.

  4. Lincoln Stax says:

    More excellent photos. That Cony is crazy. I’d love to learn more about it.

  5. Scott says:

    The wheels on the 1st gen Civic Wagon are from a 1979 Honda Accord 🙂

  6. bert says:

    I’m glad things were cleared up with the Celica, cause it’s sure recieving a lot of hatred for some reason.

  7. vballin says:

    I didn’t go back to read all the comments, but I thought people were defending it in the other thread, no? Either way, I’m also glad things were cleared up. I can’t wait to see more of this car in the future!

  8. zetozeto99 (j.ramirez) says:

    Lots of cool ‘Goons this year! Awesome pic of my 810 Dan/Ben! I think that is frame worthy! The Cressy looks bad-ass slammed like that! Hmmm…

    Koji and Terry’s new 510 is gorgeous! Love those wheels!

    810-Again: Thanks a lot.. I was kinda hoping the person you sold your 810 to would show up at JCCS… alas I was the only 810 there!

  9. zulu says:

    glad you guys cleared up the stuff with Cary’s Celica =)

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