EVENTS: JCCS 2009 Part Five: The Mod Squad

As John is fond of saying, “Anyone can restore a car. It takes a real man to cut it up.” In Part Four of our week-long JCCS blitz we highlighted some of the faithful restorations that even Sherlock Holmes probably couldn’t piece together. Now it’s time for low down speed bump scrapers. Out of all the impressive things we saw — and there were many — we were most impressed by the devotion and accuracy to the JDM street bomber look.

Toyota certainly wasn’t shy about churning out an endless number of body styles for old school Corollas.  Annoyingly, they gave all the US-bound cars the TE72 chassis code, regardless of body. This unique style happens to be the Liftback, and looks dead sexy slammed on Advan A3As. Old school metallic rose is one of those colors that somehow manages to stay just out of your consciousness. Until you see it; then it’s brilliant.

Don’t confuse the liftback with the TE72 Sport Coupe, which has a slightly shorter back half. We get so caught up drooling over slammed nostalgics that sometimes we forget that a proper rally-style machine is, in many ways, more period correct.

The four-door sedan was yet another variation. Don’t forget — there’s also a wagon and two-door sedan. This particular four-door is a great example of how the right combo of wheel width, offset, tire size and lowering combine to form an killer stance.

There seems to be a slight anti-Honda bias at nostalgic car shows, but that’s the wrong attitude. This first-gen Accord sedan appeared to be a fine example of a mega-clean stocker, and was thus largely ignored by most show goers. But…

…check out what it was smuggling under the hood: a B18 swap that looks like it could have come straight from the factory! Now that’s cool. Hopefully this will inspire some more vintage Honda builds.

While we left Dan to pine over the Accord, John was all about this Datsun 510. Four-door builds still seem to be the red-headed stepchild of the 510 scene, but peep the filled-in engine bay and custom CCW classics. Oh, and the neon green KA24, as if you need us to point that out.

Continuing on the sedan theme, here are a couple of MX32 Toyota Cressidas that touched by the hands of paint and body master PJ Bonifacio. Yes, those wheels are Rota RBs, but look at that fitment!

Here’s its partner in crime. The fender mirrors add a whole new layer of gangsterness, if that’s a word. The jewel-like grilles of these cars should be in the Louvre.

Cressida, MX73, on SSR Mark IIIs. We really need to get some wheels for the JNC wagon.

This sad corner was where the “misc.” Datsuns sat if they didn’t fit into the major categories of 510, Z, or Roadster. But that doesn’t mean the cars are sad. Quite the contrary! This Datsun 200SX is owned by JNC reader asparagus, aka Henry, and is one of the slickest S12s we’ve ever seen. Many Silvia fans aren’t even aware that there was life before the S13, but this is its predecessor. Henry put in loads of clever touches too, like a differential painted like a jack-o-lantern and actual hockey puck engine mounts. You can check out Henry’s build thread in the JNC forum.

This unassuming little Datsun 1200 was part of Henry’s crew. This 1200’s nice stance, simple Longchamp XR-4s and stock paint belie what’s underneath: a turbocharged 2.4 Nissan engine!

The suspension is an amalgam of various Datsun underpinnings ranging from 510 to 280ZX. Pop the hood and you’ll see a very tight fit for a KA24DE-T swap, but the owner, Rich, chose the B110 chassis because of its extremely light weight.

This 4AG-powered KP61 Starlet with ITBs and a TRD N2 widebody kit on Watanabe Type-Rs. This baby is ready to tackle the TS Cup.

Before we show you the onslaught of second-gen Corollas, let’s take a look at the surprising number of KE10 Corollas that turned up: three, which is a lot! We’re a little surprised this ’69 Corolla didn’t win an award.

It’s clean and simple, with a nice stance, and looks like something you’d see at the New Year Meeting. We love those razor thin bumpers!

Here’s the “fastback” equivalent, which Toyota marketed as the Sprinter in the US. First-gen Corollas are such rare machines that it’s a treat to see both body styles represented at JCCS. The third one was a Sprinter race car, which can be found in the gallery below.

And now for the onslaught of E20-series Corollas. This peanut was an absolute knockout. Don’t get us wrong, we love orange, but there can be too much of a good thing. This particular shade of sky blue isn’t original, but it looks like it could be, and that’s what makes it shine. This car also proves that you don’t need flares — just a set of basic black Wats — to be a stunner.

SR5 flares, fender mirrors, Toscos. These are the things that make a mango a mango.

See what we mean?

In the absence of Toscos, Tom’s Igetas are an acceptable substitute.

With so many TE27 Corollas, it’s nice to see a genuine Sprinter Trueno. This is an actual RHD import from Japanland, and thus comes standard with the 2T-G and fender mirrors. Although Toscos might as well be standard as well.

We’ve seen so many wild Datsun 510s that the simplicity of this one almost made it stand out. A nice, original off-white color contrasts superbly with black Wats.

Last but not least, here’s robakun’s Toyota Corona Mark II, which looks oh-so-JDM. You could really imagine seeing this thing pop up on Yahoo Japan Auctions and it wouldn’t look out of place one bit.

There were so many great cars we couldn’t really include them all without making this post a mile tall. Click through the gallery below to see more. And if you can believe it, there’s still more to come.

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10 Responses to EVENTS: JCCS 2009 Part Five: The Mod Squad

  1. CharlieBucket says:

    Thanks for the great coverage, i have really been enjoying every part.

  2. bert says:

    I used to have one of those TE72 Corollas, the liftback. It was given to me and was a great running pile of crap. The car was very faithful and served me well until it blew up. Literally. I wasn’t there when it happened, but I hear it was quite a spectacle! Did you know the fire department can charge people a fine for ” acts of stupidity”? Anyway, after seeing these Corollas I,m kinda wishing I still had mine.

  3. Will K says:

    Under the “Misc. Datsuns” category, is that a blue 710 behind the 200sx? I recently purchased one here in Seattle and have found out virtually none of these cars appear to be left! It’s a fantastic car that time forgot!

  4. datsunfreak says:

    Yes, that is a 710 Coupe.

  5. datsunfreak says:

    Sorry, meant to say 710 2dr sedan. ;^)

    I thought it was a hardtop Coupe, but no…

  6. kingtoy says:

    I feel I should correct a slight inaccuracy. The white TE72 Corolla is a “sport coupe” not a “coupe”. The sport coupe was the sportiest of the group. It also had the lowest roofline. The coupe is the more rare, looking slightly like a 2 door sedan, but with a lower roof and the quarter windows could roll down. I have a TE72 sport coupe, my dad bought it new and gave it to me when I turned 16. I still even have the original dealer brochure from when it was new.

  7. Dan says:

    Thanks for the heads up kingtoy!

  8. zetozeto99 (j.ramirez) says:

    Loved that S12.. one of my fave cars there. S12’s are cool cars. It’s actually a car I always wanted to own

  9. GEN2TWINCAM says:

    Love the Accord!
    Very nice installation, and what I’m shooting for in my 82 Civic. This vintage Honda builder is inspired!

  10. chard says:

    whats the wheel spec of the rota rb in the cressida? thanks!

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