EVENTS: Japanese Classic Car Show this Saturday

JCCS 2013 flyer
There are only five days to go until the 9th annual Japanese Classic Car Show. The exhibition at Queen Mary Park in Long Beach, California has been hugely influential event since its inception in 2005, a driving force in the acceptance of Japanese cars as classics.

This year, the show promises to contain even more unique debuts and rare cars never sold on US shores. We’ll have more details as the week goes on, but for now we can tell you that special guests will include editors and photographers from Nostalgic Hero magazine. Issues of the renowned Japanese publication will be available for sale at the main booth.

So clear your calendars for this Saturday and get ready for the premiere old school event of the year.

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12 Responses to EVENTS: Japanese Classic Car Show this Saturday

  1. Nigel says:

    Crossing off the last few days left until Saturday.

  2. E-AT_me says:

    ARRRRGHHH!!! one of these years…. i will make it out for this show. 🙁

  3. Super X says:

    Will be there 5th year in a row all the way from Miami (Florida)!

  4. Jun says:

    someone slow down the clock!

    See you all on Saturday! 🙂

  5. Brad D. says:

    I was all set to go….. then my water heater died. See you all there next year instead!

  6. Bart says:

    My input shaft bearing is making noise. Will it survive the 8.5 hour drive? I guess you all will know on Saturday. 0_o

  7. Datsun Violet says:

    I missed getting my car in this year as they closed registration early, I guess they got a rush of entry’s it should be crazy this year ! I am excited to attend to bad it will be as a walk in this year, no Datsun 710.

    But I can go and just enjoy myself, and it sure did help with the stress lever before the show.

  8. Sedanlover says:

    Ooh, I really want to go! Maybe next year we will make the trip over from Australia… Yep, I’ve been keen as mustard to go to this show ever since I found out about it on this here website a mere 3 years ago.

    Who else has traveled long distances (like international) to check out this event?

    I’ll be looking forward to the photos!!!! Make me proud.

  9. PHRHD says:

    Will absoolutely be there. This is my first year, so I’m excited as hell.

    Hoping to bring out a ride next year, though! 😀

  10. 72dyme says:

    Any one that registed, that’s not gonna be able to make it. I’ll purchase your spot.

  11. pete240Z says:

    I went to year #5 and had a blast! I suggest you show up at sunrise and sit outside the entry gates where the cars line up and take some great pictures – also you see them all running. Next year will I make it?

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