EVENTS: Japanese Classic Car Show 2009 Preview

We are tired and overheated from running at redline all day at the JCCS. But we are happy to report that the 2009 Japanese Classic Car Show was the best one yet, with plenty of old school goodness to blow your mind. Here are some of Dan and John’s preview pics before we pass out.

Legendary SoCal body and paint guru PJ Bonifacio always rolls deep with a crew of top quality, freshly painted Corollas spanning multiple generations.

The IMSA Mazda RX-7 looks on from the Mazdaspeed booth over a field of rotaries and Datsuns.

Mugen CF-48s are a must for every old school Honda head, perfect for a period correct CR-X, EF Civic or DA Integra.

Back in the 80s it was popular to kit out Datsun 240Z in these period correct Kaminari bodies like the one in the background, but nowadays the foreground car’s more faithful restorations are the zeitgeist.

The bosozoku style Cressida contingent.

JDM Legends brought this pair of Skylines — a tekamen and kenmeri — all the way from Utah.

We now have literally hundreds of photos to comb through. They are forthcoming! Special thanks to all the people who helped out at our booth, allowing us to go out and get these shots — Miles, Darien, Matt, Jorge and Priscilla — you guys are the best!

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9 Responses to EVENTS: Japanese Classic Car Show 2009 Preview

  1. silverra23 says:

    Bring on the pics!!!

  2. Guyon says:

    The masses want MOAR!!!

  3. bert says:

    Get some sleep!

  4. Nigel says:

    Awesome pics, the Ken & Meri is cool.

  5. zetozeto99 (j.ramirez) says:

    JCCS was great! Gonna have to agree it was the best one I had been to! Having a car in the show added to an already great show!

    WE LOVE JNC! You guys are always welcome and we’ll always have our support! Although I have to admit we didn’t do much this time but check in on you guys and you were always in good hands it seemed! But you guys are welcome!

  6. Phil says:

    Can’t wait for your coverage guys. Bring the 510 pics 🙂

  7. Julian says:

    nice pics, more series one seven’s please!

  8. chuck d says:

    some pix I got. I was late and my battery ran out…

  9. EUGENE IMG says:

    So sad I miss this one, but I will be ready for next year, my car should be done for sure then.

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