EVENTS: Empire Z Car Show

We hit up the Empire Z Club Car Show today to find more subscribers for JNC and check out some fine examples of classic Datsuns. The club is eight years old and is about 35 members strong. They own Z-Cars old and new, but the show itself, held at Corona Nissan in Corona, California, is open to all vintage Datsuns, and not necessarily to club members. If you’re a Nissan/Datsun owner who lives within the region spanned by Ontario, San Bernadino, Riverside and Yucaipa, check them out. Click to this thread to see the pics.

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  1. coupeZ600 says:

    Excellent! The 510 shot made me cry a little bit. I kinda’ owned one, (isn’t it great when you “kinda'” own a car) but the guy who bought it from me was the guy who owned it twenty years ago, it was his Very First Car, bought from the original owner. He’s going to restore it, and make it an Electric commuter. I always thought this whole mind-set was kind of sad, to take a car that got pretty good gas mileage, and make it Electric…. My first car was a truck, a ’64 International Scout, tiny by S.U.V. standards, but ideal for an Electric conversion if you could take an anvil and re-form it out of fiberglass!

  2. Ben says:

    Kinda off-topic here, but I love IH Scouts! My father had a Scout II with the “Rallye” stripes and the white wheels. It was a great car, but stolen 🙁

  3. colink says:

    Absolutly fantastic stuff

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