EVENTS: Eagle Rock Datsun-Nippon Swap Meet

Laugh all you want at our super-strict smog tests, but at the end of the day SoCal has at least one redeeming trait — enough nostalgics to hold a regular swap meet. Here’s what you missed from the recent Eagle Rock Datsun-Nippon Swap Meet

This event started out as a 510 swap meet on the now-defunct It expanded to include all Datsuns, then to all vintage Japanese marques. This 510 exemplifies the period, home-wrenched racer that would’ve prowled SoCal’s highways back in the pre-JDM day. Libres were practically a commandment, and those old school Datsun Competition Parts decals hint at something sinister under the hood.

This 510 goon, on the other hand, is definitely post-JDM shakotan craze, replete with fender mirrors, deep-barreled SSR MkIIs, a Bluebird grille and Okamoto decals. It also happens to be the steed of our intrepid photographer Jun Imai.

Despite flying Japan’s national colors, this rare unibody Datsun NL320 truck is reminiscent of old SoCal Speed Shop hot rods thanks to its red-painted steelies.

Of course, no SoCal wagon would be complete without a couple of surfboards. A TE28 Corolla would easily be the envy of any hipster surf dude at Huntington or Venice Beach.

Yesterday’s rendered yellow B310 “California” may appeal to USDM Jammers, but because the grass is always greener on the other side, we want zokusha takeyari, dammit!

The swap meet isn’t just a good place to find an old carb, you can unearth entire vehicles for sale as well. This sharp-looking 720 King Cab 4×4 reminds us of this former Kidney Car, but in a much more 80s period shade of blue.

Sadly, there’s always gotta be That One Guy. This 510 owner lead-footed himself into the wall of the on ramp that borders the swap meet area.

Luckily, nobody was hurt. The same could not be said of the 510. But hey, at least there were plenty of parts near by!

This Celica has seen better days, but the tire choice is pretty interesting. It’s hard to imagine anyone putting blocky-sidewall rubber on a set of step-lipped Techno Phantoms these days, but if they were mounted pre-JDM craze, that would mean said Phantoms were floating around SoCal for quite a while.

Rarity, thy name is clean, stock-looking Mazda RX-3. In black no less.

Another great thing about informal gatherings is that cars which would never set foot into JCCS might just show up! That is a rare and extremely patina’ed Dodge Colt/Mitsubishi Galant surrounded by at B110 Datsun 1200 and a recalled Nissan Vanette!

Photos courtesy JunPhoto.

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21 Responses to EVENTS: Eagle Rock Datsun-Nippon Swap Meet

  1. E-AT_me says:

    jun, i know hotwheels already has a 510, but can you persuede them to make a replica of your car? that’d be great… 😀 thanks.

    sweet pics. wish i lived on the “right coast”..

  2. 91ma70 says:

    The red corolla wagon is a te28.

  3. Nigel says:

    Thanks for the pics Jun.
    (Any pics of that green 620 by the 1600 Celica) ?

  4. goki says:

    woohoo!! my van is photobombing in that last pic! hahaha

  5. David says:

    I must make it out to the next meet, I thought it was supposed to rain that day. I got a lot of good shit to sell so I must make it there.

  6. dave says:

    wow! must’ve been a blast. wish i was there

  7. Jun says:

    Hey, nice pics 😉
    I took a bazillion more, I’ll get through them one day!

  8. Steve says:

    Awww, cr*p! They need to rename the event. I don’t have a Datsun so didn’t see a need to go to a Datsun swap meet. If I had known, I would of been there…

    p.s., all cool cars!!!!

  9. Alex says:

    Is there a meet like this on Sunday?

  10. kevin t says:

    Damn that yellow corolla, black rx3 and juns wagon just did it for me. I could go 1 yr with no pussy just to drive either one of these 3!

  11. Marvis nicevibe says:

    that bozo wagon is awesome!!

  12. sexy hammer says:

    the celica on techno phantoms looks like some old guy with an all-original survivor spent too much time cruising blogs one day and decided it was finally time to jump on the bandwagon. somewhere between trying too hard and doing it wrong.

  13. bert says:

    I would be THAT ONE GUY…………Who would put blocky tires on stepped wheels!lol I don’t really dig the whole stretched thing.

  14. John Toyota says:

    How come Jumamoy’s TE21 is not here? That red peanut 20V with a black front-chin that looks like a lawn mower. I thought Jumamoy is always present on all eye-balls, and specially on all car shows. I’m just surprised he’s not here. Or maybe nobody photographed his car?!

  15. a10wagon says:

    that yellow boso wagon looks like its a 78-81 510 wagon not a 310 ?

  16. damageinc86 says:

    Hey don’t judge a book by it’s cover man (Colt), it’s what’s inside that counts remember 😉 haha

  17. NEss says:

    HeY Eagle Rock Datsun-Nippon Swap Meet… what are those Wheels on the black supra? please i never seen those. no bodY rocking 🙁 What kinda offset is them and brand name.

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