EVENTS: 2013 MazFest

1426_MazFest-2013_Mazda RX3

For nearly a decade, Mazfest has brought Mazdafarians together to commune for a fun day at the racetrack. Coordinated by Xtreme Speed track events and MOCC, the event blends together a cheap way to get on the track with an auto show. 

1227_MazFest-2013_Mazda NA Miata Garage Star

This time, we hitched a ride with Sacramento-based Miata accessory builder GarageStar on the 345-mile trek down to Willow Springs International Raceway. Owner Ken Raif  manufactures cosmetic and performance based products for the Miata. The convoy consisted of a trio of sponsored MX-5 Miatas, and a Tundra for good measure.

1401_MazFest-2013_Mazda RX-7 FD3S1407_MazFest-2013_Mazda RX3

Upon arrival at the track in the morning, we felt the heat begin to soar, and along with it came some equally hot Mazdas. This fiery red RX-3 kept everyone who was setting up awake with the thunderous BRAP BRAP BRAP of its 12A.

1938_MazFest-2013_MazFest-2013_Mazda Protege 5

As the sun rose the paddock area gradually sprang to life with the arrivals of Hiroshima steel both old and new.

1439_MazFest-2013_Mazda Miata NB

Representing the newer end of the spectrum, Jason Reese’s Mazdaspeed proves that you don’t need much to execute a sheer tasteful NB. Rocker stripes, a light debadge, and 949 6UL‘s complete the race-inspired package excellently. This red turbocharged rocket also serves as the demo car for Static Nine, a Miata specialist shop based in South San Francisco.

1436_MazFest-2013_Mazda Miata Retro Motion

In contrast, RetroModern USA manufactures Miata dress up bits which fuse vintage styling with the contemporary. Ranging from elegant radio delete plates to classy climate control knobs, the craftsmanship is simply amazing.

1471_MazFest-2013_Mazda MX5 Miata NA

Also present was 949 Racing’s track prepped NA. With the innards from an NB, this NA is proven to be a capable track machine!

1571_MazFest-2013_Mazda RX21570_Mazda RX2 Capella GSII rear panel

Amongst the sea of Roadsters and their rotary-powered brethren, we came across this well patina’d RX-2. Although it was not the most handsome car on the paddock, we found that it was sporting a rare Capella GSII rear garnish!

1572_MazFest-2013_Mazda RX7 FB

This radiant Daytona Blue SA22 easily stood out from the Mazdas next to it, especially with its WedsSport Autobahn Mesh-in the unobtainium 4X110 bolt pattern!

1581_MazFest-2013_Mazda RX-7 FD3S

It’s not everyday that you see a Competition Yellow Mica FD. With only 350 examples made available stateside in 1994, catching a glimpse of one is undoubtedly a rare sight to behold. While gazing upon an unmolested example such as this, and you might even start having unforgivable thoughts.

1587_MazFest-2013_Mazda RX-7 FC3S

Anderson Cheng‘s blue FC3S exudes a very Japanese flair with its Shine Auto Project full aero kit, Wangan-inspired carbon fiber wing, and SSR Professor SP1 rolling stock. Beginning as a Turbo II, its 13B was swapped out by JRX Rotary for something more menacing — the 3-rotor 20B from the Eunos Cosmo with a T88 turbocharger! This 600whp beast looks ready to terrorize the Shuto Expressway!

1598_MazFest-2013_Mazda RX-7 FC3S

Brett Stebel’s wide-bodied FC sports a similar setup with a 20b powerplant, good for 441 raging horses. An RE-Amemiya front bumper complete with fiberglass canards graces the nose, along with a D-Max carbon fiber hood. The Amemiya treatment continues along the car, with RE-sideskirts and ending in a carbon fiber rear diffuser.

2207_MazFest-2013_Nissan Pulsar2049_MazFest-2013_Toyota AE86

It wasn’t all Mazdas, either. Other marques were encouraged to join the festivities. We met up with fellow AE86 driver Jorge Azcoitia at the Streets of Willow. In a few days he’d be slated to import his metallic blue hachiroku back with him to Spain, where it will be the fourth of its kind to roam the streets there!

1305_MazFest-2013_Toyota 7M hot rod1301_MazFest-2013_Toyota 7M hot rod

Meanwhile at the Willow Springs administrations office, we spotted a yellow hot rod with triple Weber sidedrafts. Upon closer examination, the powerplant turned out to be Toyota‘s own 7M-GE! It is also coincidental that the wheels resemble those of the MKIII Supra.

1541_MazFest-2013_Mazda MX5 Miata NA

From out of the multitude of Mazdas that attended, whether rotary or piston-powered, there is always one of each that wins best of show. From the Roadster crowd, Chase McGinnis‘ retro-inspired Roadster took the prize for Best Miata. With details like KG Works turn signal intakes, baby moons, and C3 Corvette tail lights fitted onto the rare Garage Vary rear panel, it is no surprise to anyone that this MX-5 is something special. The attention to detail extends to the interior, which was converted to the sought-after 1993 LE red interior, and further embellished with chrome accents and Nakamae goodness.

1521_MazFest-2013_Mazda RX7 GSL-SE1516_MazFest-2013_Mazda RX7 GSL-SE

Joaquin Garay‘s preserved FB easily took the award for best RX-7. While the exterior and interior exude stock, the 13B was given a streetport by R&R Rotary in Glendora, California.

MazFest-2013_Mazda MX5 Miata NA

And last but not least, we were glad to see at least one Miata that was kept bone stock in preparation for Barrett-Jackson 2025.

1282_MazFest-2013_Mazda Miata Garage Star

When it was finally over, we piled back into the Garage Star cars for the long slog home. A slammed Miata is not the ideal car for an extended shot up Interstate 5, but we can’t wait to do it all again next year.

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18 Responses to EVENTS: 2013 MazFest

  1. Dave says:

    Wish I was there! Must go next year. I’m drawn to the rust bucket again; I think that RX-2 might actually be an imported Capella. Steering wheel looks to be on the right side? And no descriptions of that BG Familia? A faux GT-R/GT-X? That’s the first time I’ve seen one done up here in the US, really liking it. So many sweet old Mazdas…

  2. Tyler says:

    Yeah, definitely a RHD RX-2. The RX-3’s rear end looks really nice and I dig the rotor-shaped muffler!

  3. dickie says:

    7M-BHG hot rod?! I guess they have to do something with those lumps after they’re extracted…

  4. Steve says:

    Awesome to see so many Roadsters featured!

  5. Two Evil rx3 says:

    The Gs ll is an og Rx 2 Capella GS ll from japana all original garnish

  6. invinciblejets says:

    The gsl-se and stock miata are always refreshing to see.

  7. Peter Tebbutt says:

    loving the hot rod.

    any more info?

  8. antoine says:

    not going to lie… a little disappointed with the lack of rx7 coverage… i mean when i personally think of mazda its all rx7 to me but this was miata heavy…. i no miatas r the hot thing now days with the whole hellaflush thing going on but i dont believe they compare to mazdas orignal rotary beasts…

  9. H.Garcia says:

    What wheels are on the red rx3???

  10. Kurt says:

    Wow I want that GS Coupe! Is the owner a JNC’er? So cool.

  11. DerrickS says:

    Looks like the red “stock” miata is not quite that. I spy a roll bar under that hard top.

  12. AndyB says:

    What the hay? Only one pic of that “Best of Show” MX-5?? I wanna see how those C3 tail lights look! 🙁

  13. Andre says:

    Anybody notiCe 323 hatch with Outback front bumper?

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