EVENTS: 2010 New Year Meeting, Part 3

Okay, okay. We can’t keep the rabid Nissan nutters at bay any more. Luckily, as with most nostalgic car shows in Japan, the New Year Meeting has heavy emphasis on Skylines with a hearty helping of Fairladies and Sunnies on the side. But we’ve got some Other Marque love in here as well. Hino and Suzuki, anyone? Click through to see JNC operative Derek Y’s final transmission.

Let’s start with the humblest of Nissan’s offerings, the Nissan Cherry X-1. That’s 1200 ceecees and 80ps of front-engined, front-drive power in a package of the same weight as the lantern at Asakusa temple.

Painting everything, from flares to your bumpers, on your B110 Nissan Sunny white and planting it on some Wats seems to be a popular thing.

Which one do you like better? Or do you prefer this sexiness?

Of course, you can always go with some vintage TS Cup style flares instead of bolt-ons.

This one’s the real deal, built and campaigned by Tomei. Interestingly, they run TOSCO wheels normally the domain of old school Toyotas. Now that’s bipartisanship!

Tomei specializes in engines, and they extract 170PS from this A12 (from the aforementioned Cherry) motor thanks to custom internals beefed up to handle a a 12.5:1 compression ratio.

At the other end of the spectrum is a bone stock B210 Nissan Sunny Excellent.

Continuing on the stock theme, a lickably clean 510 Bluebird sedan and JDM Bluebird Coupe.

Hey, it’s the JNC Project Bluebird! Not really, but I’m sure Roper’s digging this like a mole on crack.

A very purposeful looking sedan with a bit of Yank flavor. The combo of BRE-style spook, Volk TE37s and carbon fiber hood would look right at home at the JCCS.

The U12 Bluebird Club might push the bounds of what’s considered a classic, but they always have a strong showing. The U12, especially in SSS and Subaru-rivaling ATTESSA trims, have a huge following in Japan.

From the Zama Warehouse comes this Nissan Violet, which broke an East African Safari Rally record in 1982 by winning the event four consecutive times.

The Nissan Cedric Special Six is for the Datsun fan who secretly yearns for a Toyota Crown. White TE37s seem a bit out of place, if we’re honest.

The owner of this Fairlady Roadster seems to have taken inspiration from the early days of the Japan Grand Prix, with it basically stock look and black steelies.

We interrupt this post for a JNC public service announcment: When flaring your S30, please make sure your wheels fill out the flares. Thank you.

Scoffing at waxed garage queens.

Whether or not this S130 is actually built to handle top speed blasts on the Tomei Expressway, it at least borrows elements of hashiriya-style.

Vintage Datsun rally livery.

Two crimson hakosuka

One packing the legendary S20.

But its twin has something even rarer.

The OS Giken TC24-B1 twin-cam head for the L-Series! We have never loved red wrinkle paint so much.

A tough looking C210 sedan.

You simply cannot get more pimp than this.

Stock box.



A very nice Takahashi Skyline replica.

Naturally, Rays’ new Volk TE37V made for vintage offsets had a strong presence.

And now for some cars we rarely ever get photos of, staring with the clean, classic lines of the Isuzu Bellett GT.

And this looks like a clean Isuzu 117 Coupe at first, but then…

Hoo boy, this is going to annoy some people.

The rear-engined madness of the Hino Contessa.

A Japanese classic show wouldn’t be complete without the iconic Subaru 360.

We would love to see this Suzuki Alto face off with the Minica from yesterday. Unlike the Mitsubishi, this kei car was configured in front- and all-wheel-drive.

A Suzuki Carry may be an unlikely candidate for proving once again that proper wheel fitment and stance can transform a vehicle, but here it is.

And that brings the 2010 New Year Meeting to a close. But if that’s still not enough to satisfy your J-tin appetite, here’s Part 1 and Part 2, as well as coverage from the 2009, 2008 and 2007 shows.

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7 Responses to EVENTS: 2010 New Year Meeting, Part 3

  1. DVLA Plates says:

    Beautiful Skyline in that last picture. Never been a big fan of white/cream but that looks great.

  2. TommyJ says:

    you were right about the 117, the sr20 is a good motor but in my opinion swapping in a sr20 just states that you are unoriginal and dont care.

  3. kyteler says:

    TommyJ, how could putting an NA, ITB’d SR20 into an Isuzu 117 be considered “unoriginal” – to leave the Isuzu with it’s factory and “original” would be a decidedly more “unoriginal” idea.

    Awesome pictures chaps. I’m not sure if you’re aware but those Bluebirds are SSS-R’s they came with CA18DET’s (with Cosworth Pistons no less), Roll-bars, Bonnet Scoops, Rally Lamps and all the fancy trickery like Full-time ATTESSA, 4WD, TWIN-CAM, TURBO. Really quite a special little car.

  4. kyteler says:

    Oh, and also that Special Six is wearing light-weight modern alloys and race appropriate tyres as it used on the track as well as (I believe) being driven daily when possible. It’s an amazing car.

  5. sr-fairladyz says:

    O.K., I need a nap now…

  6. JT191 says:

    I could see a different brand six cylinder engine, because there is no inline six and the V6 would be EFI, variable valve timing, direct injection, and look slightly out of place in a car built 40 years before the engine was built. But the G200W starts out with almost the exact same power rating stock and has totally equal tuning potential. Sort of like putting a Chevy engine in a Mustang, a total waste for no net gain. If it wasn’t a bet or just to prove it could be done, it’s a waste and rendered a $20,000, highly desirable, early, round headlight 117, to a value of almost nothing.

  7. Benson says:

    Beautiful twin red hakos. The L20 and flared wheels arches are the bomb. That and the fact that the sound of this car on the straight at the Raceway is legendary.

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