Event Horizon: Fun For Everyone

eventsGood news if you live on one of the coasts! This weekend, there’s a number of different events to choose from, provided you happen to live near an ocean.

This weekend, July 17-19

Weekend of July 24-26



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3 Responses to Event Horizon: Fun For Everyone

  1. Rob says:

    Saturday, July 18 / Rochester, New York: All Japanese Classic Car Show presented by the Z Car Club of Rochester

    First time anything on your events list was in my town!!!!! i will be there!

  2. NICK PETRAS says:

    I have a Nissan Skyline 1500cc, PGC10 4door 1971. I’m looking for some parts. Can anybody help me?

  3. I like how you guys did the map, there, with the icons. *mental note* 😀

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