(Even more) Cool JDM Clothing…Part 3 (and counting)


Last month, we covered a few nostalgic JDM clothing brands which embrace old school cars and bikes:  Samurai Motor Club and Neighbourhood.  And yet there is still more….Kaminari69, which has the same old-school hot rod influences with 60s cars and vintage graphics. Although Kaminari doesn’t seem to have a cool flash movie on their website like the other two!


We opined in our editorial piece on the Legend of Option last week that Japan seems to be more eager than ever to look to their past with fondness and pride.


If this means that old school JDM cars are about to become cool in a mainstream way in Japan, well then we’re all for it!


God speed you too!

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2 Responses to (Even more) Cool JDM Clothing…Part 3 (and counting)

  1. Lachy says:

    Awesome Kev…

    Does anybody in Melb want something? I’m going to place an order if they let me. =) Happy to order for others to save on postage costs

  2. Kev says:

    Haha I knew you’d want the top t-shirt!

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