Even Honda yearns for its heyday with a 20th Anniversary S2000 and EK9 Civic for the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon

It’s hard to believe but the Honda S2000 is 20 years old (For reference, when JNC started the AE86 was 21 years old, and it felt ancient). At the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon in January, Honda will be revealing a 20th Anniversary Prototype to honor the milestone. The car will come with a newly styled aero kit, suspension, and audio lid. Only one image has been released so far, but it’s a handsome, fresh take that is thankfully subtle enough to complement the S2000’s simple and purposeful design. Beyond the S2000, Honda is also going back to its 90s well with a modified EK9 Civic Type R.

That car comes with a somewhat ambitious name: the Civic Cyber Night Japan Cruiser. We have just a rendering in this case, but according to Honda the goal is to appeal to “modern youth,” whatever that means. Furthermore, according to a translated version of Honda’s description, “The model has been modernized to reflect neo-Japan, where the near future and underground are disturbed, while retaining the hatchback silhouette and familiar presence of the past Civic. We moved from the hot race scene and changed the image to that of the night city to run cool.” But hey, if it connects with a new generation of enthusiasts, then we’re all for it.

Typically, the Auto Salon is a venue for carmakers to showcase customization options for its latest models, so it’s a somewhat unusual move for Honda to prominently feature a pair of 20-year-old models. But, its new ones didn’t get left out.

Another vehicle seeking to bridge generations is the Kachatto-Wagon, based on the latest Honda StepWgn. Kachatto, from what we can gather, is Japanese for “chat.” It comes with a rear ramp for easy access for wheeled vehicles, and Honda says it will connect three generations of gearheads. Presumably, a parent in the driver’s seat, grandparent in the wheelchair, and child with dirtbike in the second row.

Lastly, there’s the Aibou, which is basically like a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe for kids. There’s not much information supplied, except for the fact that it’s billed as “your first Honda.” The Jetsonian bubble car presumably allows children to enjoy a connection to cars from a young age.

There will be more information on all of these cars as the Auto Salon approaches, and there will almost certainly be more cars from Honda’s current lineup shown as well. With this set, though, it seems Honda is really looking to stoke auto enthusiasm across the board.


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5 Responses to Even Honda yearns for its heyday with a 20th Anniversary S2000 and EK9 Civic for the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon

  1. As an owner of an original EK9, i feel very sorry for what is illustrated here.
    While it makes me happy that Honda still likes and supports the EK9, it doesn’t seem to reflect what the youth is into these days at all. They could have built something really cool. Heck it would have been the coolest move to just show a standard EK9 with all it’s available option parts to showcase them.. But they decided to ruin an iconic car with some cyber-facelift. The car doesn’t even appear to be an real EK9 TypeR, but a standard civic with the black (unpainted) door protecting strips.
    Those oh-so-90ies oversized “luxury” wheels look more like something from SpoCom 2000 then what anybody would put on an EK9 these days…

  2. Roger Aba says:

    As a former EK owner, I do like different perspectives of the EK.. but in all honesty, the classic EK9 is all that is needed.

    What is funny is that there is a good amount of people yearning for building an EK like LJ Garcia’s Feels Widebody.

    I think many younger folks want to follow the older tuning style, rather than having a “cyber night” version… but that’s just my opinion.

    The kits look modernized and that is a good selling point for making an older car look new.

    I was planning to see TAS 2020, but I’ll be arriving at the end of January.

  3. Bob says:

    I am a Honda fan from way back and drive one today. However, I’m also their biggest critic. And their current lineup is a cure for insomnia. Look at the HRV, CRV and pilot. Walk into a Honda dealer and be asked which one you want; small, medium or large version of the same burger. Honda had better put a pulse into it’s line before it becomes the new Buick for tomorrow’s seniors.

  4. Streetpunk64 says:

    I say Honda taking an EK and putting on a modern spin is a plus no matter how you look at it. They certainly do not have to bother. I am looking forward to the finished product.

  5. Cybercruzer says:

    “The future is yesterday!” As a new Honda fan and a current student who grew up on 80’s and 90’s sci-fi, I am rooting for “Cyber Night Japan Cruiser” and Honda’s sport heritage. The 2020 EK9 concept looks like it came from an alternative dystopian VHS future.

    I worked on this Neo-Tokyo idea for years with my FG1 Civic TRON Grid Fighter. The 2006 North American Civic commercial featured the 8th gen Civic in Disney’s 1982 Tron movie aesthetics which inspired me to do the Cybercruzer project.

    After MF Ghost, Casio’s Neo-Tokyo watch series, Cyberpunk 2077, Cybertruck and Blade Runner inception month of November 2019, it seems, we became witnesses of a new wave of interest in retrofuture, hauntology and post-cyberpunk heterotopia.

    Thank you for your time and interest.

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