Enkei Wheels Resurrects Enkei 92 Mesh Rim

Need some nostalgic meshies that haven’t seen one too many pothole and aren’t stricken with a classic case of curb rash? The old school revivals keep on coming with the (re-)introduction of the Enkei 92!

Details are scarce at the moment, but initial sizes will be 15×7+38 and 15×8+25. Four and five-lug patterns will fit most imports and the hub is covered by what Enkei calls an “original retro design center cap.” Available colors are silver, black, or classic gold, each with polished lip. They’ll be for sale in early 2011.

[Image: Enkei]

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22 Responses to Enkei Wheels Resurrects Enkei 92 Mesh Rim

  1. Nigel says:

    I’ll take mine in silver please.
    (Still don’t have a car I can put them on).

  2. southwade says:

    I like these… bravo Enkei.

  3. E-AT_me says:

    no car need. would make great coffee tables! i wonder if this will kill or promote sales of the used pieces? i’d like a set of 15×8 +25 for the miata. would make killer track wheels.

  4. kingtoy says:

    This is great news, but it has kinda mixed feelings. What about a +10 or even a 0 offset?

  5. Tyler says:

    I’d like a staggered black set for the Cabriolet, please!

    Now, let’s bring all these back: http://japanesenostalgiccar.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=605

  6. E-AT_me says:

    i think i’m holding out for the Enkei Apache’s .

  7. 13x says:

    wow the silver would look awesome on my 79 Daytona Blue Rx7

  8. Alex says:

    These Enkei92s look even more awesome in person! the classic gold is the bomb! by the way, these are made in Japan!

  9. Drop by Enkei’s booth at SEMA this year and see them on my 71 Fairlady Z 🙂 And get a limited edition Eeffect Wheel Headz 92 sticker!

  10. YL says:

    they need more agressive offsets like the watanabe’s

  11. Jake says:

    They remind me of Jeep Cherokee wheels.

  12. 13x says:

    any idea if these are going to released in 4 x 110??

  13. Juan says:

    Oh man, these make me not miss my old 92’s anymore… Time to save up!

  14. Johnny A. says:

    “kingtoy” is correct, about having mixed feelings, same here. I don’t own enkei’s nor do I intend to, but far as the nostalgic aspect for the people that do, I think it’ll take from owning an original set. I felt that when my friend aquired a set of hayashi street ll’s like mine. Luckily for me, he sold them.. Guess I was “hating”….LOL

  15. e20iz8 says:

    these are clean, just saw the original ones at the junkyard. it was only 1 wheel though, oh and i also saw 1 enkei apache wheel. it was pretty random, and its a coincidence that i saw this post, and im ranting blah blah blah haha.

  16. Craig says:


    Thanks for the great collection of photos, some very cool wheels, I agree, bring em all back.

  17. Dilly says:

    Any idea of pricing?

  18. 20vTouge86 says:

    It should be a 2 or 3 piece!!!! with a hoooge amount of width/offset options!!!!!!!!!

  19. aeseventy says:

    i like the silver for my SR5 sports coupe… how much?

  20. jonathan says:

    when are they coming out and for how much

  21. Pacman69 says:

    Will these rims be available in 16 inch and what will the price be

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