Enkei Dish II brings back old school style for newer vehicles

The original Enkei Dish was an old school slot mag-style wheel sized for Japanese cars. They were released way back in 1968, and has been revived in several permutations since. On February 8 Enkei announced that they’re back again under the name Enkei Dish II.

The Enkei Dish was once popular with those seeking an American look for their cars. Over the years Enkei has made specialty variations in collaboration with several automotive subcultures. For example, in 2004 they created a variant sized for air-cooled VWs conjunction with Japanese VW and Porsche 356 specialists Flat 4. Then in 2008 they released another variant sized for Toyota Crown and other classic 5-lug cars as a Mooneyes exclusive. Enkei has made the Dish with kei car fitment as well.

The latest iteration comes in just one size, 15x6J+30. With a 6-lug pattern it’s essentially created solely for the Toyota HiAce and Nissan Caravan. Customizing these one-box vans are big business in Japan, and the Mooneyes-style look is popular with them. Color options are Machined Silver or Machined Black, which shows up on the edges of the opening and on the vintage “Enkei” logo on the wheel’s lip. An “EK” old globe logo adorns the center caps.

Each wheel costs ¥46,750 ($315 USD). Despite the limited application options, it’s still good to see the Dish alive and well. It joins several older designs in the Enkei Classics line, including the 92, Apache, and Al’Vita.

via CarWatch. Images courtesy of Enkei.

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