Dropped T100 Toyota Corona Sedan

Sometimes all you need is a clean body and a big drop. The rest can be bone stock, right down to the hubcaps. The result transforms a T100 series Toyota Corona sedan from unloved to totally bad arse. Someone in the States go do this now.


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10 Responses to Dropped T100 Toyota Corona Sedan

  1. Nigel says:

    Would this work on a Magic wagon or Reliant K ?

  2. Domingo Favis says:

    I did this. I knew this cars can be really be bad ass looking car with just the right drop and wheels etc. Unfortunaltely, it mat it demise early before it can reached it finished stage.


  3. bigtoepfer says:

    I was so going to do this. But the car was usurped from me.

  4. tkmedia says:

    but but still the big bumpers.

    • Domingo Favis says:

      yeah, the big bumpers kind of threw it off but what I did was tuck in and drilled the bumper shocks to shorten it a bit. Small bumpers was in play but unfortunately, it never came thru coz of the accident.

  5. Tony says:

    This car…is solid

  6. keelan says:

    Can anybody tell me the stud pattern? wheel offset. how did you lower it? blocks? reset leafs?

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