Drive a classic Toyota Supra when you stay at the Fuji Speedway Hotel

If you’re planning to visit Fuji Speedway soon, you might want to look into the Supra Winter Festival. The program lets guests of the Fuji Speedway Hotel drive a Supra during their stay. While the main purpose of the promotion is to get people who can afford to stay at the very fancy hotel behind the wheel of new Supra for an extended test drive, there are a very small number of slots in which guests can drive a classic Supra as well.

Starting January 15 and going until June 30, 2024 guests will be able to take the GR Supra out for a spin. They’ll have their choice of manual or automatic transmission, and will be able to reserve the car for a 1-hour window. The roads around Mt Fuji where the Fuji Speedway Hotel is located are some of the most picturesque in Japan.

The car loan only applies if you are booking a suite or villa, however, because apparently if you’re a peon in a regular room you wouldn’t be seriously considering a Supra purchase anyway. During this time, the hotel’s bar will also be serving a special drink called the GR Supra, but presumably not right before you take the car out.

However, for just one weekend only, January 21-22, Toyota will also throw you the keys to three restored vintage Supras as well. This includes not only the A90, but a 2002 6-speed A80 (it’s not clear if it’s a twin-turbo model), a 5-speed 1992 Supra 2.5GT with the 1JZ twin-turbo, a combination we never got in the US, and a 1985 Celica XX 2000GT. The last one is a bit interesting, because while it was the second-gen Celica Supra in the US, it was never branded as a Supra in Japan.

The package comes with a special dinner and reception where the lead craftsman in charge of the Supra restorations will speak. There are only eight slots available, and you must have a valid Japanese driver’s license to participate. It might just be the best way to cap off a trip to the historic circuit. However, if you miss your chance to grab one of these very limited slots, don’t fear. You can still rent a classic Toyota to drive in Japan through the Kinto Vintage Club program, which includes a TE27 Sprinter Trueno, A20 Celica Liftback, and A70 Supra as well.

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3 Responses to Drive a classic Toyota Supra when you stay at the Fuji Speedway Hotel

  1. Styles says:

    Well that’s also weird that it’s a 2800GT, because the picture is a 2000GT, as denoted by the TwinCam24 decal

  2. Mark F Newton-John says:

    You know, you can use the complete designations that include the engine, e.g. JZA80, MA70, RA20 like the TE27.

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