Donate $100 for a chance to own Victor Laury’s 1970 Datsun Fairlady Roadster

Our friend and beloved member of California’s nostalgic car community Victor Laury is relinquishing is collection of beautiful Datsuns. Sadly, Vic suffered a stroke a while back and as a result he will no longer be able to drive his cherished cars. We recently told you about the sale of his Datsun 240Z and now the car Vic is most known for, his gorgeous 1970 Datsun Fairlady Roadster, must be passed on to a new owner as well. 

Donations of $100 are being accepted to help Vic transition into the next phase of his life and to aid with related expenses. Each donor will be eligible for a chance to own Vic’s roadster in a drawing that will take place June 10, 2012.  A maximum of 300 donations will be accepted.

Vic’s roadster is a 2000cc SRL311. We’ve seen it at shows many times and we have no qualms about saying that it’s one of the best examples in the country. It’s been lovingly built with a full slate of rare Nissan Competition parts, is in excellent mechanical condition, and puts out an estimated 150 horsepower thanks to an upgraded cam and Mikuni 44s. The car will be wearing SSR MkIIIs when the winner is selected.

Full specs and details can be found by downloading this pdf. Donations can be made with this form (pdf), which has all the relevant contact information. Vic is one of the most generous, big-hearted guys we’ve ever known. We’ll never forget the time he cold just gave us a crossmember for our Project Z. But the thing is, many many others in the Datsun community have similar stories of Vic’s altruism.

You can see Mr. Laury driving his roadster in the JCCS DVD trailer below. Thanks for everything, Vic.

[Images courtesy Katy’s Nest]

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21 Responses to Donate $100 for a chance to own Victor Laury’s 1970 Datsun Fairlady Roadster

  1. Carl Beck says:

    The 240Z has been reduced in price it is now on One Stop Motors web site and they provide financing.

  2. Lincoln Stax says:

    I’ve never met the man, but if you say he’s a stand-up guy, then I’ll donate. My mom has suffered a series of strokes, so I can sympathize. Also, I’m more than willing to spend $100 for a 1-in-300 chance of owning that outstanding Fairlady.

    Are my eyes deceiving me, or is that car wearing a different set of wheels in all three pictures?

    • Ben says:

      Yes, Vic was a wheel fiend and was always seen with different wheels on his cars. The roadster will be wearing SSR MkIIIs when the winner is selected. Thanks for donating!

    • victorlaury says:

      pleasemskurethe reads understandthatthi sis closedand thedrawing isover thecarisgoneandnowlivesin austrailia]

  3. cesariojpn says:

    We’ll never forget the time he cold just gave us a crossmember for our Project Z.

    Err, what?

    • Yee says:

      Around 4 years ago, I got in an accident and needed a front crossmember and torsion rod for my Z. Vic responded and gave me the parts for free. He also showed me his Datsun collection and talked cars for a bit. He is a good guy that needs our help now. Only wish I can return the favor under a better situation. My check is in the mail.

  4. xs10shl says:

    Very tempting – help a fellow enthusiast and perhaps win a car. It would be nice to understand what wheels come on the car, and perhaps get a few close-ups of the engine bay. Any way to get a few more pictures?

  5. Kevin T says:

    I don’t personally know Mr. Laury, but many folks I respect speaks for him. In that case, I respect him too. Sad, but a stroke/s, are a reminder that life is valuable. I will send him a donation even though I’m dead broke these days (hey 6 years without a paying job is a serious issue fellas you don’t even want to know how I’m getting by). But, Mr. Laury is a passionate Datsun diehard and I respect him. Unfortunately due to his condition or situation he is forced to sell all of his prized possessions (that’s what I went through these past 6 years selling all of it), I can totally understand some of the things going through his head. Life and the challenges that come to us every day.

  6. Daniel vega says:

    Is there any spots still opened?

  7. Daniel vega says:


  8. Greg Childs says:

    I’m in. As a Datsun enthusiast and collector, I’d hope folks would step up and help me out if I were in need. I’ll pass the word along to our community as well.

    God be with you, Vic – I pray for a miraculous recovery. If I win, you can visit your Roadster every year at JCCS, she’ll be well-loved and in good company.

  9. Beans says:

    Can International members apply? if so I think you can count me in.

    Well wishes for the owner and props for such a generous offer.

  10. T.P. says:

    Did somebody who participated received a drawing number, yet

  11. PHil says:

    I havent seen anything since my donation was sent, or a reply to my email either.

  12. Ron Eastman says:

    Hello All,
    Your entries have been received. Confirmations are sent out every week or so. Thank you for your support.
    (Organizer of Roadster donation program.)

  13. PHil says:

    I received my entry number today!

  14. PHil says:

    Victors house has the best Google Maps “street view” I have ever seen- those invited to the Birthday/Raffle party must check it out- proof of a true enthusiast !!

  15. Daniel vega says:

    how about a picture of the car with the winner?

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