Does your classic Subaru belong in a museum?

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Do you have a classic Subaru? Do you want to display it in the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum’s upcoming exhibit of all-wheel-drive Japanese cars? Our friends at Subaru of America recently alerted us to the fact that they were loaning several of their own cars from their not-so-secret headquarters “attic” to the museum, but the Simeone Foundation still needs more. 

121_Subaru BRAT 1978_Subaru BRAT

The Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum is located in Philadelphia and was founded by Frederick Simeone, a local neurosurgeon with a love for racing sports cars. The criteria for inclusion into its collection is fairly unique:

  • The car must be a sports car with headlights and fenders.
  • The car must have a history of road racing (not solely racing on a track).
  • The car must be considered significant, or “winners” associated with superior racing performance.
  • Important components, such as the chassis, engine and body, must be original to the car.

From April 16 to May 1 this year, the museum will be hosting an exhibit called “The Beauty of All-Wheel Drive” featuring several Subaru automobiles. As it happens, Subaru’s US headquarters, which we visited in 2013, is located right across the river in New Jersey. If you haven’t seen the cars from Subaru’s heritage collection, here’s your chance to see a 1968 360, 1978 BRAT, 1980 GL cyclops wagon, 1991 XT, the 1991 SVX Indy Pace Car, a repilca of Colin McRae’s 1996 WRC Impreza, and one of 400 1998  Impreza 22Bs ever built.

However, the museum is also looking for other AWD Subies to fill in the gaps. If you have one that deserves to be in the exhibit, fill out the form on the Simeone Foundation’s website.

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7 Responses to Does your classic Subaru belong in a museum?

  1. Jac Cottrell says:

    Any details on when this might go down? If, please share. Simeone is really good at updating their FB feed the night after an event happens, not so good about promoting beforehand.

  2. Ben Hsu says:

    It says above, April 16 to May 1.

  3. Scotty G says:

    Ugh, I’m in Philadelphia on May 19th-22nd so I’ll miss this one, a huge bummer. Thanks for the head’s up, though, I would love to see that collection someday.

  4. Peter Q says:

    Maybe they’d want my step-daughter’s Outback diesel that just ate it’s engine? Just pick it up from Narrogin in W. Australia. Please.

  5. Bryan says:

    I have a really nice 78 DL Sedan, in lemon yellow. But he lives at the San Diego Automotive Museum for the summer. I don’t see a way to share photos here, or I would.

  6. Brandon says:

    How bout a 92 Legacy RS?

  7. Andrew bennett says:

    I have a 1969 subaru sambar 360 van with 5,287 original miles looking to find it a home

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