Did Barack Obama’s Family Own a Toyota Corona?

Toyota Corona Barikan Obama Anak Menteng

Since we’re coming off the Fourth of July weekend, let’s talk about another presidential nostalgic. There’s a new Indonesian movie coming out about our current Prez called Little Obama, and it clearly shows young Barack riding to his new home in the back seat of a RT40 Toyota Corona.

Now we all know that producers sometimes take artistic liberties with their subject matter, but sometimes they are extremely faithful to the source material (in Mao’s Last Dancer, they employed our very own Datsunfreak’s light blue 510 because the real life character owned one).

We don’t know the answer, but if Barack Obama did indeed have a Corona, it would follow hot on the heels of Ronald Reagan’s Subaru BRAT and Cindy McCain’s S13. Also, the proper nickname for the shovelnose Corona is the Japanese word for electric shaver, barikan. Coincidence?

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5 Responses to Did Barack Obama’s Family Own a Toyota Corona?

  1. Kevin Lee says:

    the real obamamobile, not the cadillac crap 😀

  2. Eljay says:

    It does make sense that B.O. would’ve spent his childhood in a Toyota.”Yes,we can” has much of the same quick and positive ring as “My Toyota is fantastic”. 😉

  3. erick says:

    why do american presidents use cars like Lincoln GMC chevrolet, Cadillac,only u.s. made ones and not imports? I bet you all that even the Canadian prime minist. drives or is chauffeured in a rolls-royce or a bentley!

    Had I been the U.S. president, I would switch the hybrid cadillac obama has for a maybach 62 2+2 sedan or a toyota century,banzai!!!

  4. yendor says:

    i got still this car till now 13-07-2010. i love it a lot because it’s batter then new cars and i can depend on it every day. we call it the combat car

  5. erick says:

    as for Cadillacs Ben-san, I go for the brougham of the 1985-90 period,the fleetwood of 1993-96 and Eldorado. Ok those are not japanese made cars but since you have brought the Cadillac issue,at least as a word, then I had to tell up what my favorite models were.

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