DETROIT: White is the best color for Japanese cars

AcuraNSX2016 08

The NSX proves that the best color for Japanese cars, especially Honda sportscars, is white. 

AcuraNSX2016 01AcuraNSX2016 12

For comparison, here’s two shots of the 2018 NSX from the Detroit Auto Show. One has red calipers, one has black. Normally I’m not a fan or loud-colored calipers, but in the case of a shiro Japanese supercar it looks perfect.

AcuraNSX2016 11

It also looks pretty good in black, but white with a dab of red was the color of Honda’s first Formula One car, and F1 is pretty closely tied with the original NSX.

AcuraNSX2016 05AcuraNSX2016 06

The best part about white is that taillights are always red. I still think it’s better than 112 Yellow.

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16 Responses to DETROIT: White is the best color for Japanese cars

  1. RdS says:

    “the best color for Japanese cars, especially Honda sportscars, is white. ” the same way that an Italian sportscar looks best in red, British in dark green, French in pale-blue, or silver for ze Germans…?
    I’d always assumed this came from colours that would have been assigned to each countries international racing entries… with Japan likely in white with red because of their flag’s colours.

    Regardless, I agree! It’s a classic.

    • Ben Hsu says:

      Yes, you’re right. In the link to the older QotW article we mentioned also that the traditional colors for Japanese art are white, black and red. Since tires and vents are black, and taillights are red, white makes for the best body color. Maybe that’s why white is the most popular color in Japan.

  2. Scotty G says:

    There is no such thing as a “best color” for anything. Like anything subjective, it’s all in the eyes of the beholder. It’s like saying that the most beautiful Japanese car is the Toyota 2000GT. Well, that one is true, but.. (cough)

  3. Robin says:

    i do like it with black calipers.. i think red has been overdone similar to widebody kits. but thats just me.

    Like Scotty G said its very subjective, but white does look many times better than the red ones i have been seeing on the internet… again my opinion.

  4. Dankan says:

    For best results, I think the roof, A-pillar and flying buttress need to be black, while the rest of the body would be white.

    • Robin says:

      that would have been cool actually (picturing it in glossy black like the old NSX, and on that note it would also in some way remind us that the old NSX lives on in this. because right now im trying to see what of the old NSX is there aesthetically , and I cant see much to be honest.

      but i guess with all successors (ae86 and the 86 for example) recently theres not much resemblance.

      maybe Nissan spoilt us with the Skyline and now r35 range with having elements that tie up to each other and when we see one on the road we immediately recognize it as a Skyline

    • Ben Hsu says:

      I’d love to see a version like that. Type R, perhaps?

      • STAYlow says:

        I absolutely agree that a black top would add some of the lineage back into the car because like many have said I just don’t see any of the old NSX in the new. Motor Trend has a video about the new NSX and it sorta broke my heart how far they’ve separated themselves from the purity of the driving experience that the original NSX had. All that waiting for a the new and it only makes me want the old that much more, disappointing to say the least.

  5. Tim Mings says:

    All I’m say’in is the 1967 HONDA N600 serial #1 is white…..Coincidence?

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