DESIGN: In another dimension, the Mitsubishi 4000GT

In our dimension, the once mighty Mitsubishi Motors has been relegated to just a few unremarkable models for penny pinchers. In an alternate dimension, a futuristic sports car, a true successor to the flagship 3000GT VR-4 of the 1990s, exists. This is one designer’s vision of what could have been.

Matthew Parsons, a designer at Volkswagen South Africa, created what he calls the Mitsubishi 4000GT. It’s “a quick personal project envisioning what a modern day Mitsubishi 3000GT could look like.”

“The soft 90s surfacing was reshaped into sharper edges with stronger lines and the air channels are designed to be more subtle,” Parsons explains. “I found the original design had equal length overhangs front and rear, and decided to create a much shorter rear overhang. By doing this I aimed to give the design more forward leaning movement.”

We’re fans of shapes that emphasize the mechanicals underneath, and given the original 3000GT’s transversely mounted V6 it makes sense. There’s no mention of what might power the 4000GT, though Parsons mentions that “the VR-5 emblem indicates an evolution of the VR-4 system.”

Like the 3000GT when it came out, this has a cyberpunk vibe that evokes Japan’s futuristic atmosphere. We think Parsons nailed the front end, which even appears to have pop-up headlights. Perhaps a result of the forward-leaning stance, the canopy and middle area conjures thoughts of another Bubble Era machine, the SVX from rival Subaru. The rear reminds us not of the 3000GT but the Starion, which is not a bad thing at all.

“As a big 90s JDM fanatic, it has been rewarding to work on a childhood favourite and I hope it invokes some nostalgia to its viewers,” Parsons states. Sadly, this is just a fantasy, despite some rumors a few years ago that Mitsubishi was going to revive the 3000GT on the Fairlady Z platform. Nowadays, it doesn’t seem like the company is in any position to market a vehicle like this, but hopefully in another timeline Mitsubishi still has the ability to build such a car. See more images at Matthew’s website.

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9 Responses to DESIGN: In another dimension, the Mitsubishi 4000GT

  1. Howard D says:

    Yes, this is too good to be true! I own 3 Mitsubishi vehicles I bought brand new. (‘89 Starion, 2006 Evo IX-MR & 2018 Outlander Sport) These to me, represent some of Mitsubishi’s finest ideas, when they put their heart, soul and sincerity into their vehicles. Now they produce vehicles because they have to. I have been let down by their offerings in the past few years! Who would think that a company that produced the history making TOMMI Makinen Evo 6.5, could name that ‘sardine can’ the “Mirage”, or the CUV, the “Eclipse”? Both cars are a sad state of affairs! And just wait for the new SUV that might be called the “Evolution”! Mitsubishi has no respect for their history! Their just so nervous on surviving…

    • Angelo says:

      I agree, as I had driven my cousin’s Mirage one time, and I just felt numb driving that thing.

      I’d give everything to be connected with my old girl due to that experience lol

  2. Bryan says:

    Can we all get a petition going and bombard mitsubishi headquarters with letters asking for this to be built? Jesus H. Christ I would go into debt to have one of these things! It’s 90s,…it’s 80s,…it’s cyberpunk,…it’s sleek,…it’s jagged,…it’s literally everything I like.

  3. Nigel says:

    DS Kartel…where are you ?

  4. Lee L says:

    That is pretty sick looking, but I’d settle for a hot hatch mirage.

  5. Not a fan of the taillights and rear spoiler, but otherwise absolutely perfect! Well done, sir!

  6. mel says:

    Very nice ….but probably nobody would buy it

    The Eclipse Cross is a fine car. The Mirage has its audience. Stop the whining.

  7. Tad says:

    I had a 3000GT VR4 once upon a time. One of the things to do back them was import a JDM Montero block [3.5L], because it had a forged crank. Then you could bore it to a 4.0L, used the same motor mounts and you could bolt everything in….so I guess you could say that a 4000GT has already happened. I wish they would make something like this, but they seem all but dead here in the USA.

  8. F31Roger says:

    I’ve always had a thing for 3000gts (or GTO). I used to frequent 3si forum’s looking at all the dudes that would ball out on HKS stuff for the cars!

    To this day, those HKS piggybacks inspire me to go retro.

    This vision is really cool and I definitely love that it follows the original.

    On the other hand, Mitsubishi cars started to get wider and bigger after the 3000gt.
    Galants and Eclipses for sure. I wonder if the 3000gt would have been the same…

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