Defi Takeover of Trust Rumors

Last month the bankruptcy declaration of Trust, one of Japan’s most respected tuning houses and parent company of GReddy, surprised many in the Japanese auto aftermarket industry. But it looks like they will stay afloat to fight another day. Rumor from Japan has it that Nippon Seiki, makers of Defi brand gauges, will supply the necessary cash infusion needed for Trust to continue normal business operations. Defi has been a supplier of gauges to Trust for a while now, and their finances seem to be on the plus side. That’s good news, but we’re not if sure this is just a temporary fix for a much bigger issue – the overall decline of car enthusiasm in Japan. We hope that companies as storied as Trust can continue to support Japanese car enthusiasts like they have since 1977, but only time will tell.

[Image: Trust]

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  1. Dan says:

    This is good news, although I think there is still an uphill battle for us car enthusiasts

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