Defi Gauges for Nostalgic Cars

The onslaught of vintage gear keeps on coming. Shown at the Tokyo Auto Salon, Defi gauges for old school cars! Instead of a hellscape orange or aquarium blue, these glow a cool whitish-green and through a proper vintage typeface. These are prototypes, and the company is asking kyuusha fans which style they prefer, and in linked or standalone.

[Nori Yaro] Hat tip to Nils E!

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7 Responses to Defi Gauges for Nostalgic Cars

  1. Camshaft says:

    I quite like the font o the left. Belongs in an ’80s turbo machine.

  2. Tyler says:

    Eh, these look too new. I love the VDO gauges in my Rabbit because they look old and are old. Retro gauges belong in Minis and New Beetles. They need to come out with truly old-style gauges.

    And a new radio with an old-style face. I loved my old Blaupunkt til it quit. Why does everything have to look new? They’re going in old cars, and should look old.

  3. Komeko says:

    They look normal. Black face with green lit letters because green causes less glare and is easier to see in the dark. Isn’t that what all good gauges are? Or does that mean that my definition of white face with hot pink lighting and flames being crap, puts me in the group that thinks retro is the same as normal?.?.?.

  4. master logray says:

    they’d suit an 80’s car, but Smiths, Jaeger or VDO gauges still suit older machines.

  5. seventhskyline says:

    These look great! I have a suite of 80s black face/white letter Lamco and Omoris for my skyline and those would fit right in.

    I think they could offer some plainer designed black or chrome bezels though.

  6. Steve Caruana says:

    It’s about time we have some gauges that look good for the older cars and not the cheap looking one’s that are on the market.

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